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Some of it, not all
Thu Jan 19, 2017 18:03

Gia found herself surprised that Laila knew about Sammy’s sexual orientation. She had thought that Sammy had only ever confided in her about it She wasn’t sure why she had thought that, perhaps because even when she had told Gia it had only been because she had sent a letter to Joella in Gia’s name. It hadn’t really seemed like a genuine ‘I have something to tell you’ moment. Did she have that with Laila?

A lot of emotions went through Gia when she heard this, but the most predominant one was jealousy. Sammy had felt close enough to Laila to actually admit something but had only felt obligated to tell Gia because of her letter. She didn’t know if that was how it actually happened, but the feeling of green that ran through her certainly put to mind that it was the truth of the matter. She knew she had no right to feel anything negative about it as it was Sammy’s right to discuss her sexuality with whomever she wished, but she could not help the feelings she had in regards to it.

Gia looked down at their linked hands, her face rather stoic, making her look even more like her brother than usual. Normally, Gia’s features were light and warm, so this look seemed like a cold stark contrast even though she ought to feel happier about being somewhat open. “Jax does not care who I like as long as they make me happy and are good to me.” Gia replied to Sammy, finally looking up at her as she thought about how to explain her mother. “She does not know. She… would have difficulty with it.” Her mother would, eventually, understand and accept her, but she would need time and Gia wasn’t quite ready for that battle just yet.

  • Everything about this is good!Sammy, Thu Jan 19 00:14
    Gia asked her not to say anything, and Sammy nodded seriously. Just because she herself was open with her sexuality didn’t mean everybody else who struggled with it would be, and she would never... more
    • Some of it, not all — Gia, Thu Jan 19 18:03
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