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Joella Curtis & Emmy-Lou Scott
Girls talk boys.
Fri Jan 20, 2017 12:04

“You can’t use me like that!” Joella said indignantly but she was really more amused than anything.

“I’m not using you,” Emilia-Louise protested.

“Well that’s what it looks like to me,” Joella told her younger friend. The two of them were taking a walk in the Labyrinth Gardens and Joella had expected a casual catch up but apparently Emmy-Lou had other plans.

“I’m proposing this with your best interests at heart,” Emmy-Lou insisted, as persuasive as ever. “Forget how I benefit here and just think of this as a concerned friend staging an intervention.”

“An intervention? Concerned?” Joella repeated, bemused.

“Yeah,” Emmy-Lou nodded, under the initial impression that she was making sense. Judging by the confused look upon her oldest friend’s face, however, Joella was not following. “I am happy for you, really, but I have to be upfront and tell you that I just don’t think this Jax thing is healthy.”

Not healthy? Joella frowned. Usually she valued Emmy-Lou’s opinion, as her most loyal and honest friend, but this time she wasn’t keen on what she was hearing. “I’m not sure that’s your problem.”

Emmy-Lou shrugged. “Come on, do you really see it going anywhere?”

“Does it need to go anywhere?” Joella retorted. “We’re just living in the moment. I don’t see anything wrong with having a bit of fun.”

“Sure, I guess,” Emmy-Lou still didn’t seem convinced. “But don’t you ever think you might be making a mistake?”

Joella was surprised by what Emmy was saying. Her friend knew how long she’d had a crush on Jax, and Joella had thought she supported her moving on in her romantic life and being genuinely happy with it. “How so?”

“I don’t want to be the one to have to say it,” Emmy said, although it was obvious she was going to be that person. “Don’t you think it’s just the same as Darius? I know you like being with him but you must wonder if he’s just using you.” There was no way to sugarcoat it. It wasn’t nice to suggest to Joella that Jax may not feel quite the same way about her as she did about him but Emmy-Lou cared about her friend and she’d seen her get hurt one too many times for the same reason. Joella was smarter than she liked to think and Emmy knew her well enough to know that sometimes she just needed a little push to consider things she would rather ignore.

“Darius and I had an arrangement,” Joella said, feeling a little defensive but she knew that it was silly. Emmy-Lou was wrong about Jax but she wasn’t far off the mark with Darius, even if Joella had been too blinded by her feelings at the time. “But it’s different with me and Jax anyway - we’re exclusive.”

“Yeah, that’s what he tells you,” Emmy-Lou snorted, before pulling an apologetic face because that was a bit too insensitive. She would have been more cautious with anyone else but she and Joella were close enough that her honesty would be valued and not taken the wrong way. Emmy cared deeply for her friends and those closest to her knew that.

“You don’t know him,” Joella shook her head. She knew what Emmy was doing but she refused to let it work. “He’s not like that,” she insisted.

“I know you really like him,” Emmy sympathised. “And I really hate to be the bad guy but I’ve seen you make the same mistake multiple times before, so I’ve got to at least play devil’s advocate.”

“It’s not the same this time,” Joella assured her dear friend.

“Okay, I believe you, for now,” Emmy-Lou conceded before breaking into a mischievous smile. “But he did make it clear to you that you aren’t his girlfriend, so you’re free to do what you like.”

“I agreed to exclusivity though,” Joella reminded Emmy sternly. “And I plan to stick to that.”

“Just come with us, please?”


“It’s not technically a date,” Emmy-Lou continued to try persuading her. “You just have to keep him company so he’s not third wheeling.”

Joella rolled her eyes. “Why don’t you just grow a pair and ask Mitch out on his own?”

“It’s not that easy,” Emmy tried to make excuses for herself. “He’s Maddi’s brother so I can’t just hang out with him and not her without having a good reason.”

Joella sighed. “I don’t get any of this but okay, fine. I’ll come if that’s what it takes to shut you up and give you and Mitch a shove in the right direction. It sounds to me as if you’re both as hopeless as each other.”

“Thank you!” Emmy-Lou beamed, reaching over to hug her. “You won’t regret this.”

“Want a bet?” Joella muttered, raising an eyebrow.

“Hey, you haven’t seen what Troy looks like yet!” Emmy said excitedly.

“Oh look, I already regret this,” Joella shook her head but she couldn’t help smiling. Emmy-Lou was always so much fun to be around and her excitement contagious. Nothing was going to happen between her and Mitch’s best friend so there was no reason to feel guilty - she would just be there to help Emmy get together with her crush because the pair of them seemed to go about everything in the most roundabout way possible.

So it was settled, and once you agreed to a plan of Emmy-Lou’s there was no backing out.

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