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Rory Taransay
A difficult decision [Tag: Amelle]
Mon Feb 13, 2017 15:32 (XFF:,

The end of the term was fast approaching, and with it had come a letter, delivered to Rory by owl that morning. His first thought upon reading it had been excitement, but something else had quickly occurred to him: what about Amelle?

Over the last year, Amelle had become one of the most important people in his life. He loved their time together, the dates they’d go on, her laugh, the fun they had together. Quite simply, he loved her. Which was why, that evening, he sought her out, to ask her opinion on the letter. He tried the library first but, upon finding it largely empty of students and fully empty of Amelle, he headed to the Labyrinth Gardens, knowing that she liked a spot of fresh air.

“Hey, love,” he said in greeting, kissing her, and moved quickly on to the matter at hand. If he had a problem, or at least something to discuss, he liked to deal with it sooner rather than later. It was more practical.

“I got a letter today, from my old friend Brett. Here, you read it – it’ll be easier than me explaining.” He handed her the letter, giving her time to read it before he continued speaking.

Brett had been at Hogwarts with Rory, a few years older but a close friend. The two had bonded over a love of magical creatures, getting shared detentions for keeping ‘unsuitable’ pets, and hounding their Care of Magical Creatures teacher for more experience. Now Brett had written to him, detailing a two-month expedition to East Africa to research Nundus, in preparation for writing a book. And he was suggesting that Rory join him in both endeavours.

Normally, Rory would be thrilled by such an idea. Research into such a creature, in addition to increasing the small amount of literature on the Nundu, was right up his street. He’d been considering writing for a while, seeing it as some way of contributing to his area of interest whilst still teaching, and the expedition fell perfectly during the holidays. However, there were new things to take into consideration. He and Amelle hadn’t made any specific plans for the summer, but Rory had assumed that they would be spending at least some of it together, and had wanted to take her to the Isle of Taransay, to meet his family and see his childhood home. He was torn between excitement at the prospect of a new adventure and his desire to spend more time with Amelle.

“What do you think?” he asked Amelle when she seemed to have finished reading. “It’s a great opportunity, obviously, but it would leave me barely any time to spend with you, and you’re important to me.”

    • How difficult? Amelle Nicchi , Mon Feb 13 21:34
      It had been a long day couped up in the library for Amelle. With exams around the corner, the library was packed full if students and she was constantly reminding the students to keep their voices... more
      • Amelle’s answer was, to be quite honest, what he had expected from her. He hoped she wanted to spend the summer with him, but he knew that she would be selfless enough to suggest he join the research ... more
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