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Amelle Nicchi
How difficult?
Mon Feb 13, 2017 21:34

It had been a long day couped up in the library for Amelle. With exams around the corner, the library was packed full if students and she was constantly reminding the students to keep their voices down or cleaning up messes that were left behind. She had no idea what it was about this time of year that had the kids forgetting their manners, but it was an exhausted period of time. Not all students were like that of course, but sometimes it felt like they all were.

So after her long day and the monitors took over, Amelle decided that she wanted fresh air. It was a nice evening anyway. She hadn't been sitting on the bench with her book for long before she was joined by her boyfriend. A giddy feeling engulfed her when he sat beside her and kissed her. She wished they didn't have to be discrete but they had to be professional while on school grounds. So since she couldn't just snog the heck out of him, she instead basked in the knowledge that she would likely be able to do so when the weekend came. "Hey Sexy." She greeted back after the sweet kiss.

"Oh?" She commented, taking the letter from him curiously. It felt a bit weird reading his personal letter, but since he asked her too, it must not have been too personal. As she read it, she became excited for her boyfriend but also acknowledged the pang of disappointment she felt knowing that he was likely going to spend his summer away.

They spent little time alone during the school weeks that she had been hoping that they would make up for the lost time by spending some if their sumer together. They hadn't talked a out anything yet but she had assumed Rory was on the same page. Of course, this didn't mean that he wasn't since he seemed to be asking her opinion regarding the letter, but what could she really say? This was his passion and if she denied him that than he would likely grow to resent her.

Amelle wanted to be selfish and tell him to stay with her so that they would have the honeymoon phase of their relationship that this job had prevented them from having, but instead she smiled at him. "You should definitely take your friend up on his offer." She told him. "You'll regret it if you don't and I don't want to be the reason you dont take this opportunity."

She let her fingers trace along his jawline with affection. "I'm disappointed that I can't have you to myself this summer, but maybe I can visit you while you work? Unless you prefer that I didn't."

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    • How difficult? — Amelle Nicchi , Mon Feb 13 21:34
      • Amelle’s answer was, to be quite honest, what he had expected from her. He hoped she wanted to spend the summer with him, but he knew that she would be selfless enough to suggest he join the research ... more
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