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Rory Taransay
Everything is easier when I can talk it through with you
Wed Feb 15, 2017 14:25 (XFF:,

Amelle’s answer was, to be quite honest, what he had expected from her. He hoped she wanted to spend the summer with him, but he knew that she would be selfless enough to suggest he join the research team. She was wonderful and supportive like that, and Rory really did appreciate it.

Joining the research team did make complete logical sense. Brett had already published a few books, and a joint endeavour would help Rory get his foot on the book-writing ladder. Of course, that didn’t mean he would always consider spending the entire holidays researching for books in the future, but just this once it was definitely the logical thing to do. Even if his heart wasn’t fully in the idea of research trips anymore, a thought which concerned him (he’d always enjoyed them so much!) until he realised that it was because he was so happy with Amelle. That was a more pleasant thought, and made the idea of leaving her all summer even harder to bear.

He sighed, and wrapped his arms around Amelle, resting his head on her shoulder. Having her in his arms was always comforting. “I really wanted to spend this summer with you,” he confessed. “But going on this trip would make things easier in the future, if I want to write more books – and I do.”

Amelle’s suggestion of visiting him cheered him up a little. Of course, he wouldn’t put her in harm’s way, but there were bound to be less dangerous times.

“Of course I’d love you to visit, provided it’s safe for you,” he replied, confused as to why Amelle would think otherwise, and wanting to reassure her that her company was always wanted. He was always happy for more opportunities to spend time with her and to introduce her to other parts of his life.

“And I could see if I could leave the expedition a little bit early,” he suggested, hopeful that Brett wouldn’t be too miffed if Rory left a few days or a week before the trip was officially meant to end. They were old friends, after all, and Brett knew Rory was a hard worker. “We could spend some time just the two of us, or we could visit Scotland together, if you wanted?” he asked, hoping that Amelle wouldn’t be worried about meeting his family, which would inevitably happen if they went to Scotland. Rory knew they would love her, and that they were all excited to meet the woman that he’d fallen in love with.

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    It had been a long day couped up in the library for Amelle. With exams around the corner, the library was packed full if students and she was constantly reminding the students to keep their voices... more
    • Everything is easier when I can talk it through with you — Rory Taransay, Wed Feb 15 14:25
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