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Zevalyn Ives
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Fri Feb 24, 2017 11:43

Zevalyn had initially been able to equate waiting for the 'wagon' to pick her up in Pheonix to waiting for her school bus. This illusion was shattered when she actually saw it. She had figured the term 'wagon' was being used in the same way the Welcome Wagon or the Food Wagon used it: as a metaphor. But no. There it was. A covered wagon, right out of Oregon Trail. Except this one could fly and it didn't have a team of oxen pulling it.

Dad helped her get her suitcase and cauldron (dude, this place required kids to bring a freaking cauldron!) into the wagon. Then she gave Mom, Dad, and Amber (who had come along to see her off) big tight hugs and tried not to cry at the thought of not seeing any of them again for months. She'd be fourteen tomorrow; she was too old to get all bawl-y. Even if this was going to be the first time she was away from her parents for more than a night or two.

Between squeezing her eyes tight and clenching her teeth during each hug, she did manage to keep the tears inside and the sobs from erupting. Then she fled into the wagon before anyone could say anything sentimental and break down her dams.

Then the wagon was flying away. From Pheonix, it didn't have far to go to get to the Sonoran dessert, so she was still marveling at the sensation of flying when it began its decent and landed beside what looked like a large mansion.

A middle aged guy helped her get out and sent her into a hedge maze. Fortunately, it wasn't hard to find where she was supposed to go, and she headed right over to the piles of introductory folders. She hesitated over which type of folder to take for a moment, but Mr. Quincy had gone over what to expect at the magic school and she knew she was enrolled in beginner classes for now, despite her age putting her into the intermediate bracket. She picked up a beginner folder then went to get some snacks.

Her trip had been relatively short, so she'd eaten lunch before getting on the wagon, so she just grabbed some tasty looking fruit pastries. Cheese cake squares maybe? she guessed. She tasted them. Yep, cheese cake squares. Maybe magic school wouldn't be all weird after all.

She looked around and was surprised to find she wasn't the only one older than the standard first year and drifted naturally to another older student taking Orientation.

"You're new, too?"

  • New Student Orientation Professor Nathan Xavier , Fri Feb 24 09:55
    A new year was beginning and with it came the wagon loads of students, arriving from all over the country and even the world. Nathan Xavier stood on the open lawn between the school building and the... more
    • Setting up shopCleo James, Mon Feb 27 06:36
      Cleo took a deep breath and decided that her lip was definitely not trembling. She had cried when she’d had to say goodbye to her daddy and had sat sniffling on the wagon until an older student had... more
    • Alone in a crowded roomEden Manger, Sat Feb 25 15:20
      Eden Manger kept her head down as she stepped off the wagon. She had kept her head down the whole ride here, despite every bump in the ride, every chat she overheard. Certainly no one knew anything... more
      • Well, that doesn't sound like much fun. Ryder Knight, Sun Feb 26 23:15
        Ryder wasn’t sure what to expect on his journey to Sonora, but he certainly had not imagined the ride to be so bumpy. As he stepped off the wagon, he rubbed his back by his tailbone and stretched his ... more
        • Can confirm, it's notEden, Wed Mar 1 01:21
          Drat. The food table route had not saved her from conversation, as a boy walked right up beside her and started talking. He seemed friendly enough, but she was just not in the mood for it. Still,... more
          • One is the loneliest number. Ryder, Sun Mar 5 23:53
            Ryder smiled as the girl quietly told him her name. Eden was an interesting name. It reminded him of the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. Not that he was particularly religious or anything. Ryder was... more
    • A genuinely catastrophic ideaJen White, Fri Feb 24 14:56
      No wonder they'd been abandoned in the desert, Jen thought as she trouped into the designated clearing along with the other new students; a hidden boarding school for teenagers and pre-teens learning ... more
      • That's my summoning call!Brett Newell, Sat Feb 25 18:37
        “Bye, Flo! Bye, Makenzie! Bye, Dustin,” Brett said in decreasing order of importance as he separated from his family members at the end of their wagon ride. His sister had told him to expect a bumpy... more
        • Do you have a banishing call?Jen, Sun Feb 26 13:59
          The stranger was smiling, and he had brown curls that were flopping about in a manner way more irritating than Jen’s hair. He introduced himself as Brett, so she guessed he wasn't a stranger anymore. ... more
          • Well, they haven't found one yet!Brett, Wed Mar 1 01:33
            Brett contemplated Jen’s words for a brief moment. Huh. “I’ve never been to a school before at all,” he replied curiously. “I’ve just had, like, tutors and stuff at home.” Then it clicked. She said... more
            • More's the PityJen, Fri Mar 3 14:33
              Never been to a school before? Jen had heard of homeschooling but had never met anyone who had tried it. That was different. She sort of wanted to know more, but she didn’t like people to think she... more
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