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Eden Manger
Alone in a crowded room
Sat Feb 25, 2017 15:20

Eden Manger kept her head down as she stepped off the wagon. She had kept her head down the whole ride here, despite every bump in the ride, every chat she overheard. Certainly no one knew anything about her - it wasnít like she was famous or anything - but really, she just wanted to keep to herself.

It was hard to be excited about school or be in the mood to make friends when she was still mourning. Her dad had just died in June, and he was her everything. She had learned because of it that she and her older sister Desiree had four other siblings, which was nice, even if it didnít change really lessen the grief. She especially liked Jake, who was the closest to her age. But even he could not be with her at Sonora, because he had just graduated weeks before everything happened. So she was here, at the school three of her siblings had gone to, but without them. All alone.

A lot of the time, Eden liked being alone, but this new level of being alone felt scary and absolute, and she didnít like it nearly as much. At least the professor who was there to greet them seemed friendly. He didnít say which House he was Head of, but the name he gave sounded familiar, so she thought that maybe he was in charge of the one Jake had been in. Unfortunately, she couldnít remember what that was at the moment. It definitely wasnít Crotalus, which was the one Professor Xavier mentioned specifically as Quidditch champions. Jake played Seeker last year, and he definitely hadnít caught the Snitch.

After some basic information and the time period allotted for a potentially painful question and answer segment passed, they were free to mill about until the tour began. To hopefully avoid looking as lonely as she felt and therefore getting talked to, Eden decided to check out the food arrangements. It seemed to her to be mostly snack stuff, which made sense since there was a feast on the horizon. But it was dinner time on the east coast, and she had insisted before leaving that she wasnít very hungry. Now she was. She supposed she would just have to sustain herself on cookies.

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    • Alone in a crowded room — Eden Manger, Sat Feb 25 15:20
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        • Can confirm, it's notEden, Wed Mar 1 01:21
          Drat. The food table route had not saved her from conversation, as a boy walked right up beside her and started talking. He seemed friendly enough, but she was just not in the mood for it. Still,... more
          • One is the loneliest number. Ryder, Sun Mar 5 23:53
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          • Well, they haven't found one yet!Brett, Wed Mar 1 01:33
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