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Do you have a banishing call?
Sun Feb 26, 2017 13:59

The stranger was smiling, and he had brown curls that were flopping about in a manner way more irritating than Jen’s hair. He introduced himself as Brett, so she guessed he wasn't a stranger anymore. “Jen,” she replied, adding no further comment. She didn't need to, because Brett was already talking again, asking if she was excited about the new school.

Jen shrugged. “I dunno.” Not true; she was excited on some level but she didn't want to share that with not-a-stranger Brett, same as she didn't want to share any of the other emotions she was experiencing. Trepidation and pride were just some of the other feelings she was not planning on owning aloud. She did recognise that it wasn't helpful to be sullen so she looked upwards as if summoning strength to talk. “It's my fourth school,” Jen explained flatly. “First magic school, though,” she added, sounding very almost like she was expressing a positive emotion. It would, at least, be a relief to not hide her magic from Muggles.

“You?” She surveyed Brett through her glasses - her current model had black plastic rectangular frames. With her high cheekbones and small nose, Jen felt the glasses added some distinction to her face. The rest of her frame was similarly unremarkable to Jen’s mind, being small, slight, and shorter than average, but she was usually swathed in baggy jeans and hoodies anyway. She tried not to judge people on appearance, but sometimes it was unavoidable. Besides, the modern culture thrived on people physical appearance to express themselves in whatever way they chose. Jen, for example, often wore skater jeans, allowing people to correctly assume she was a skater. She also tended to favour tops emblazoned with band logos, which declared her musical tastes to anyone who cared to look. Not today; she didn't want anyone to try and bond with her just because they'd heard of The Fire Nymphs.

  • That's my summoning call!Brett Newell, Sat Feb 25 18:37
    “Bye, Flo! Bye, Makenzie! Bye, Dustin,” Brett said in decreasing order of importance as he separated from his family members at the end of their wagon ride. His sister had told him to expect a bumpy... more
    • Do you have a banishing call? — Jen, Sun Feb 26 13:59
      • Well, they haven't found one yet!Brett, Wed Mar 1 01:33
        Brett contemplated Jen’s words for a brief moment. Huh. “I’ve never been to a school before at all,” he replied curiously. “I’ve just had, like, tutors and stuff at home.” Then it clicked. She said... more
        • More's the PityJen, Fri Mar 3 14:33
          Never been to a school before? Jen had heard of homeschooling but had never met anyone who had tried it. That was different. She sort of wanted to know more, but she didn’t like people to think she... more
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