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Ryder Knight
Well, that doesn't sound like much fun.
Sun Feb 26, 2017 23:15

Ryder wasn’t sure what to expect on his journey to Sonora, but he certainly had not imagined the ride to be so bumpy. As he stepped off the wagon, he rubbed his back by his tailbone and stretched his back and legs. When he felt somewhat human once again, he assessed his surroundings. This new terrain was going to take some time to get used to. For most of his life, Ryder had lived next to the ocean in Santa Monica, and now he was going to be spending most of his time at a school in the desert. However, Ryder was a realistic optimist, and had at least brought his skateboard. It was securely attached to his black Vans backpack, which he would be reunited with later.

As he was listening to the speech about the school and houses, Ryder bent down to tie his shoe. He frowned at the amount of dust that his shoes and clothing had collected on the wagon ride, and tried to brush most of it off. He wore his black Diamond Supply Company t-shirt with blue palm trees, bright blue shorts, and his black Vans skater shoes with a light blue stripe. He was starting to think wearing black was a mistake. By the time he was done fussing with his clothes, the speech was over and Ryder had been left with the encouragement to meet his peers.

He assessed his surroundings once more. He noticed a girl who was talking to a boy nearby and considered introducing himself, but he decided to check out the snacks first. A girl seemed to have the same idea that he did, so he figured he would just start his introductions with her.

“Hey,” he said turning to face the girl, “My name is Ryder. I am from California.” He then turned his gaze to the snacks and started speaking out loud as he contemplated his hard decision about which cookie to choose. “Chocolate chip cookies are good…but so are Snickerdoodles. Those are my favorite. Sometimes it is just too hard to choose.” He shrugged and took one of each cookie. “How was your ride here? Mine was pretty bumpy.” He broke off a chunk of chocolate chip cookie as he waited for the girl to reply.

  • Alone in a crowded roomEden Manger, Sat Feb 25 15:20
    Eden Manger kept her head down as she stepped off the wagon. She had kept her head down the whole ride here, despite every bump in the ride, every chat she overheard. Certainly no one knew anything... more
    • Well, that doesn't sound like much fun. — Ryder Knight, Sun Feb 26 23:15
      • Can confirm, it's notEden, Wed Mar 1 01:21
        Drat. The food table route had not saved her from conversation, as a boy walked right up beside her and started talking. He seemed friendly enough, but she was just not in the mood for it. Still,... more
        • One is the loneliest number. Ryder, Sun Mar 5 23:53
          Ryder smiled as the girl quietly told him her name. Eden was an interesting name. It reminded him of the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. Not that he was particularly religious or anything. Ryder was... more
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