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Can confirm, it's not
Wed Mar 1, 2017 01:21

Drat. The food table route had not saved her from conversation, as a boy walked right up beside her and started talking. He seemed friendly enough, but she was just not in the mood for it. Still, Eden knew to be polite - partially because she didn’t really know any other way to be, and partially because she knew she ought to be - and did her best to offer him a smile. “I’m Eden,” she answered quietly.

She didn’t give anything else in terms of personal information, but that didn’t seem to be an issue, because Ryder (what an odd name for a little boy) was already off, babbling about the different types of cookies. Eden felt very old in comparison as she listened, unable to suppress the thought of how she missed the days where types of cookies were her biggest complaint, days that were recent and yet so long ago. Then she reminded herself that, as a younger one for her class, there were good odds that Ryder was older than her, and that this wash of elderly nostalgia was entirely inappropriate for a girl her age.

Ryder returned his attention to her, directing the conversation right at her, and surprisingly enough, she was actually glad. At least talking and thinking about a reply meant she couldn’t just stand there and pity herself more. “It was pretty bumpy, yeah,” she replied. “I’m from Rhode Island, so it was really long, too. I might’ve fallen asleep if not for all the bumps.” She almost had, in fact, dozed off a few times, but always to be met with a large enough jar to force her back to reality.

“Um,” she stumbled nervously, not sure what to talk about next and grasping for something. “I like your shirt. Those are, uh, those are cool... trees.” Eden felt entirely stupid and immediately regretted the statement the moment it left her lips, but she supposed there was no going back. If the past could be changed, she’d be in a far better mood right now.

  • Well, that doesn't sound like much fun. Ryder Knight, Sun Feb 26 23:15
    Ryder wasn’t sure what to expect on his journey to Sonora, but he certainly had not imagined the ride to be so bumpy. As he stepped off the wagon, he rubbed his back by his tailbone and stretched his ... more
    • Can confirm, it's not — Eden, Wed Mar 1 01:21
      • One is the loneliest number. Ryder, Sun Mar 5 23:53
        Ryder smiled as the girl quietly told him her name. Eden was an interesting name. It reminded him of the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. Not that he was particularly religious or anything. Ryder was... more
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