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Well, they haven't found one yet!
Wed Mar 1, 2017 01:33

Brett contemplated Jen’s words for a brief moment. Huh. “I’ve never been to a school before at all,” he replied curiously. “I’ve just had, like, tutors and stuff at home.” Then it clicked. She said schools, and only this one magical. “Wait, so, are you a Muggleborn?”

His tone as he asked was that of genuine interest and not any sort of hatred. Brett didn’t share the sort of sentiments he imagined his brother felt toward people who weren’t Pureblood like them, not that “like them” was even a good measure anymore, since they were an outskirts family of desperation ever since the previous summer. Brett just thought it was dumb to hate in general (although he probably hated his brother frequently), so hating her for something out of her control seemed extra dumb.

But he was curious. He didn’t think he’d ever met a Muggleborn before in his entire life, so potentially meeting one in his very first conversation at Sonora was an awesome prospect. Then again, he wasn’t super sure he’d ever met a halfblood, either, so if she was that, that would also be cool and interesting.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” he clarified, just in case she misread his tone and thought he sounded accusatory about it, or if she had learned enough about the magical world already to know that some people might think less of her for her (potential, since he still didn’t know for sure) background with regards to magic. “I’m a Pureblood,” he added, “But, like, it doesn’t matter to me if you aren’t.”

  • Do you have a banishing call?Jen, Sun Feb 26 13:59
    The stranger was smiling, and he had brown curls that were flopping about in a manner way more irritating than Jen’s hair. He introduced himself as Brett, so she guessed he wasn't a stranger anymore. ... more
    • Well, they haven't found one yet! — Brett, Wed Mar 1 01:33
      • More's the PityJen, Fri Mar 3 14:33
        Never been to a school before? Jen had heard of homeschooling but had never met anyone who had tried it. That was different. She sort of wanted to know more, but she didn’t like people to think she... more
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