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More's the Pity
Fri Mar 3, 2017 14:33

Never been to a school before? Jen had heard of homeschooling but had never met anyone who had tried it. That was different. She sort of wanted to know more, but she didn’t like people to think she was ignorant. Or interested in what they had to say - that opened a gateway for them to share all sorts of stuff with her, and, from her experiences of just that, people usually just spouted boring nonsense. She nodded once to show her acknowledgement that Brett had tutors instead of class teachers, and left it at that. He, apparently, had more questions of his own, concerning her heritage.

She answered his question with a curt, “No.” Apparently unsatisfied by her response, he went on to tell her that there was nothing wrong with being Muggleborn. One of Jen’s eyebrows raised, although whether it was in curiosity or disdain she couldn’t be sure. Not a stranger, but definitely strange.

“I’m a Pureblood,” he added, “But, like, it doesn’t matter to me if you aren’t.”

“Good. It doesn’t matter to me that you are,” she replied levelly. She didn’t want to be rude, but she did want to make sure he understood that she did not care the tiniest bit about whether or not his grandparents played with wands when they were kids. Then, with a great effort because she was trying really hard not to make enemies on the first day, Jen sighed. “My Mom’s a witch,” she told him. “I’ve just lived and gone to school in Muggle neighborhoods, alright?” She could tell him that her Mom was Muggleborn, and that the man who fertilized her that one time was a Muggle, but as she had known him for literally one minute she decided this personal information fell neatly into the category of None of His Business.

  • Well, they haven't found one yet!Brett, Wed Mar 1 01:33
    Brett contemplated Jen’s words for a brief moment. Huh. “I’ve never been to a school before at all,” he replied curiously. “I’ve just had, like, tutors and stuff at home.” Then it clicked. She said... more
    • More's the Pity — Jen, Fri Mar 3 14:33
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