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One is the loneliest number.
Sun Mar 5, 2017 23:53

Ryder smiled as the girl quietly told him her name. Eden was an interesting name. It reminded him of the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. Not that he was particularly religious or anything. Ryder was young, but tried to keep an open mind. His parents always allowed him to explore whatever beliefs he was interested in.

“Eden,” he repeated her name out loud, “Cool name.” Ryder smiled at her again and continued talking. “East coast huh? I have never really been anywhere except California. Oh, well, there was that one time I went to Seattle with my best friend to visit her family. That is still west coast though.”

Ryder never considered that he usually tried to control much of the conversation when he spoke to other people. He never tried to be rude, he was just genuinely interested in other people.

As he ate another chunk of chocolate chip cookie, Ryder chucked quietly at Eden’s remark about his shirt. “Oh thanks! Those are palm trees. They are everywhere back home.” He smiled again to reassure her since she seemed to stumble over her last comment. “So are you excited to be here? I am not sure what to expect.” Ryder leaned against the table and continued eating his cookie while he awaited Eden’s response.

  • Can confirm, it's notEden, Wed Mar 1 01:21
    Drat. The food table route had not saved her from conversation, as a boy walked right up beside her and started talking. He seemed friendly enough, but she was just not in the mood for it. Still,... more
    • One is the loneliest number. — Ryder, Sun Mar 5 23:53
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