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Ginger Pierce
Wishing well
Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:42

Sixth year was the calm between the storms. While the year above hers was collectively anxious about taking their RATS in just a couple months and the year below hers was beginning to despair about their upcoming CATS, Ginger's class had over a year before they had to worry about any major exams.

She kind of wished she had one.

Quidditch was on the back burner. No test to prepare for. Jake graduated. Not even any terrible satori making trouble for anyone (not that she wished such misfortune on the school again).

She sighed as she walked alone along the labyrinth paths. It wasn't like she didn't have friends, or anything to do, she did. Lauren and Jemima and Owen and Makenzie were all wonderful people. She'd even taken to little Eden like she was her own sister. And there were still clubs and practices and the endless river of RATS level essays.

But none of those were Jake, and seeing Jemima and Owen so happy together just made his absence hurt worse.

They had seen each over midterm, of course, but it wasn't the same. Too many people about, not enough time, not enough privacy. And she was pretty sure something was eating at him, something she hadn't been able to pick loose during the too short visit with too many relatives wanting to meet him.

She wished he was still here, where she could touch him, talk to him, hug him, kiss him.

She sat down next to a fountain in one of the garden's clearings, and fished out a knut from one of her pockets. She flipped it into the water and wished, in a quiet but audible voice, "I wish I could see you."

She watched the water surface for a vision - she wasn't skilled in divination herself but it did run in her family so you never knew if the talent might suddenly manifest - but all she saw were the reflections of clouds.

Then a silhouette appeared, and her heart clenched in her chest before she realized it wasn't Jake's. The disappointment was devastating. She turned to see what real life person had so intruded, forcing a smile for the other person. "Hi."

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      Salali liked the Gardens because they made her feel at home. It was good for her spirit to get outside, to run and play and laugh, even if she had to do it alone a lot of the time. There were a lot... more
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