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Salali Bly
Swishing swell!
Sat Jun 24, 2017 00:20

Salali liked the Gardens because they made her feel at home. It was good for her spirit to get outside, to run and play and laugh, even if she had to do it alone a lot of the time. There were a lot of nice children at this school, and she considered all of them her friends, but she did not spend a whole lot of time with any of them outside of class. She liked sharing a room with Natalie, though. Natalie was her favorite.

Sometimes when Salali was in the Gardens, she slipped out of her shoes and ran, letting the sole of her feet say fast hellos and goodbyes to the earth beneath her. Or she would stand - just stand - in the grass and wiggle her toes. Sometimes a little ant friend would crawl up and say hello, and she would watch his little legs run up hers. He had more than she did, which sometimes seemed unfair, but then she remembered that she was very big and he was very small, so then it was okay. Both of them were free and special.

Today, she was running, having already parted with today’s little friend, a caterpillar in this case. She had left him on a leaf that she thought he would like, and then she started running. She came upon an older girl from the yellow House in a clearing, standing by… something. Salali slowed her pace as she approached, watching curiously as the girl flipped some kind of coin into the spitty water bowl. Fountain! That was the word!

The girl seemed to notice her, because she spun around and, with a smile, said, “Hi.”

“What was that?” Salali asked, pointing into the fountain. She did not think to offer a returned greeting or introduce herself, because she was very curious about what the girl had done. “Why did you do that?”

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    • Swishing swell! — Salali Bly, Sat Jun 24 00:20
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