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Cleo James
Sun Aug 6, 2017 12:46

Cleo was wandering back through the gardens feeling tired and dirty but happy. She had spent the morning weeding the vegetable patch and gathering any ripe produce she saw, leaving it in a basket for the elves to collect. As usual, she had her little red wireless with her, and she'd been listening to a programme that played the hits of her daddy's youth. They always listened to it, and the bands and some of the songs were more familiar to Cleo than the music of her own generation. She swung the little set and hummed to herself as she walked back through the gardens.

The peace and quiet of her walk was interrupted by the sounds of bickering. She wondered about changing her route to avoid crossing paths with whoever was arguing but she wasn't sure of another way back to the school. The voices seemed to subside a little, and she headed around the corner, quite surprised to find a group picnicking. It included Florence and Brett Newell, who she knew from classes, and Makenzie Newell, who she knew as she was a Crotalus prefect, all of whom she supposed were related. That made the arguing make some sense. She'd heard that that was a thing siblings did, though she didn't know from personal experience.

She was slightly surprised when Florence asked if she wanted to join them, seeing as it seemed to be a family occasion, but she was very glad of the invitation.
"I'd love to," she smiled, before remembering where she'd just been and the state she must be in. "Although I'm not sure I'm quite clean enough to be joining a picnic..." she added, holding out her earth stained hands. She was also dressed rather sloppily in a large t-shirt and leggings which were starting to lose their elastic and were getting baggy at the knee. Previous experience suggested that she also had at least one smudge of dirt on her face. "Perhaps you can help?" she asked Makenzie, seeing as she was the oldest and therefore most likely to be good at cleaning charms, although they were on the simpler end of things and it was probable that most of the picnickers could have helped.

"I don't normally look so awful," she explained, "But I was gardening. I was going to wash up when I got back inside.

"Would you care for some music with your picnic?" she asked, feeling it would be nice to offer something in return. She held the little red wireless out to Florence, as she'd been the one to ask Cleo to join, and because she felt the girls exuded an air of calmness and authority. To the boys, she offered a warm smile. Cleo had a very nice smile, one that tended to make people feel they wanted to get to know her better. She hadn't quite yet started having a devastating effect on boys with this, but it probably wasn't far off.

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