Jehan Callahan
Fri Aug 11, 2017 16:02

Jehan was small for his age, with faraway eyes and hair that was cut a little too short for its natural curliness to really show. Of course, his curls were nowhere near as wild as his brother’s. He was dressed neatly, in slacks and a shirt, thanks to his mother – when left to his own devices, Jehan had an interesting sense of style.

He also had a tired air, but that was only because he hadn't slept well the night before. He had been too busy imagining things and creating stories of what his time at Sonora would be like. He’d eagerly heard all of the stories his older brother, Victor, had to tell, many times over, and had done his own research too, but nothing could really tell him exactly what it would be like.

Victor was worried about him starting Sonora. Jehan knew this. He could see it in Victor’s eyes, in his smile, in the way he ruffled Jehan’s hair as they stepped off the wagon (of course Victor wouldn’t hug him in public. Victor was funny like that). Jehan didn’t know why, though. He was away from his parents, and with Victor. Surely those were the two most important variables? Anything else wasn’t really important. People thought Jehan was small and young and different, and that he couldn’t cope, wouldn’t cope, or maybe just wouldn’t fit in. He didn’t understand why that was seen as a problem. Maybe he wouldn’t find any close friends here, but there were so many more people than at home. The odds (and also all the stories he’d read) suggested that he’d find someone he liked. And if he didn’t, if he ended up alone and sad, it would make the most beautifully tragic story. He thought he would quite like to sacrifice himself for The Sake of Art.

He was lost in his imaginings about dying a tragic death when he heard someone speak, startling him out of this thoughts. “Oh! I’m sorry, I was thinking about tragic deaths,” he explained politely, not having caught what they said. “My name’s Jehan.”

He didn’t bother with the traditional pureblood greeting. He knew his mother would be disappointed, but he didn’t really see the point. Unless someone asked who his family was, surely they wanted to know who he was? And the two things were hardly the same.

  • First Year Orientation Nathan Xavier, Fri Aug 11 10:43
    Nathan greeted the students as they disembarked from their wagons, helping anyone with the last big step who needed it, and telling them to leave their luggage for the elves. For the first years - or ... more
    • As long as there is sugar, I'll be okay.Tatiana Vorontsova, Mon Aug 14 08:39
      Tatiana could have gotten down from the wagon herself, but she accepted the assistance the fat man (some kind of servant, she assumed) offered because she knew that was what Mama would want her to... more
      • Sugar is good.Gary Harper, Thu Aug 17 16:52
        Gary was grinning like a fool when the flying wagons landed on the school grounds. That ride was awesome! He'd never really though about what kind of magical transportation wizards would use.... more
        • I'm glad you agree.Tatiana, Thu Aug 17 22:44
          Tatiana tried to work out if this one had a patronymic or not. She finally decided it didn’t much matter. They were both children, which meant it was acceptable for them to call each other ‘Tatiana’... more
          • Rumors abound about the perils of excess thoughGary Harper, Sat Aug 19 07:23
            Tatiana's response gave Gary pause for a moment, then he remembered the part of the professor's speech about language assistance for those not fluent in English. Maybe Tatiana wasn't a native English ... more
            • Eh, you only live once.Tatiana, Sat Aug 19 17:23
              The second iteration of Gary’s question made more sense. Tatiana filed away this new meaning of parts - shorthand for ‘parts of the country’. She nodded her understanding. “I come from Alaska,” said... more
    • Freedom? — Jehan Callahan, Fri Aug 11 16:02
      • From older brothers Dorian Montoir, Fri Aug 11 23:50
        Dorian stepped off the wagon and tried to tell himself that he did not feel... That word for when things were too much. He was sure there was such a word, a single word or maybe two word combination... more
        • Well, mine isn't too badJehan, Sun Aug 13 16:14
          Jehan was a little thrown off by Dorian’s assumption, not really having considered that as a possible response. Still, there was logic to the other boy’s question. It was a big world, and who knew... more
          • Lucky youDorian, Wed Aug 16 22:20
            "Oh, I am sorry for misunderstanding," Dorian apologised. "My English is terrible," this was a conclusion he had been forced to reach in the past ten minutes. Prior to disembarking the wagon, he... more
            • Lucky you, it sounds like!Jehan, Sun Aug 20 07:01
              “No, I quite like your English,” reassured Jehan, not wanting Dorian to think badly of his language abilities. After all, people often said that Jehan didn’t always make much sense (even if Jehan... more
              • I'm starting to feel that wayDorian, Mon Aug 21 05:35
                Jehan liked his English. Dorian was not quite sure whether this was just a way of saying that his English was fine, or whether it meant something else -that there was something special and different... more
                • Yes, this is all going very well!Jehan, Wed Aug 23 09:55
                  Jehan beamed at Dorian as the other boy said that he made sense, and that he had good thoughts. No one had ever said that to Jehan before. His flights of fancy were seen as, at best, amusing, if not... more
                  • Then let's keep goingDorian, Fri Sep 15 00:48
                    "Yes, that will be very good! And I can also read some more harder English with you to help," Dorian nodded, glad that Jehan had brought up the idea of shared language study so that he didn't have... more
    • I have arrived.Jasmine Delachene, Fri Aug 11 12:49
      Jasmine looked out the back of the covered wagon, watching the ground pass beneath her. This was higher than her horses usually flew, but the height didn't bother her. What bothered her was that she... more
      • So much open space!Parker Fitzgerald, Fri Aug 11 15:44
        Parker Fitzgerald got off the wagon with the other students around him. He heard someone talk about elves, and remembered the buying of school supplies and the new creatures Sullivan had introduced... more
        • Eh, I've seen moreJasmine Delachene, Fri Aug 11 21:06
          The boy didn't recognize her family branch, but judging by the way he then stepped on his food and that she didn't recognize his surname, that was not indicative of any failing on her family's fame... more
          • A Subject I know!Parker Fitzgerald, Sat Aug 12 16:49
            The girl was talking about California bordering Arizona, and Parker imagined his grandfathers house and trips to the Salton Sea. He was thinking about this that he almost missed her comment about... more
            • A subject I love!Jasmine Delachene, Sat Aug 12 19:42
              Jasmine nodded as Parker stated he expected he'd be a Pecari. "My father loved it there," she encouraged. Her mother had mixed feelings; Mom had loved having a room to herself, and being with Dad,... more
              • Invisible horses?Parker Fitzgerald, Tue Aug 15 19:51
                Parker was glad to hear that her father liked it. But the absence of her mother gave him pause. Did he mishear about both her parents being Pecari? Or maybe it was a male heavy house. Parker could... more
                • Yes, of course, an invisible horse!Jasmine, Sat Aug 19 17:16
                  Jasmine smiled fondly in remembrance, "Well, the first time, I was probably only three or four, so Mom rode behind me to make sure I didn't fall off. Honestly, I don't remember not riding Flossie, so ... more
                  • Everyone looks like an idiotParker Fitzgerald, Tue Aug 22 12:07
                    Parker was a bit spell bound. Stories of horses flying, and this seemed so mundane to the Jasmine. He paused when she mentioned not knowing how to ride a bike. He had never thought that the people... more
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