Jasmine Delachene
Eh, I've seen more
Fri Aug 11, 2017 21:06

The boy didn't recognize her family branch, but judging by the way he then stepped on his food and that she didn't recognize his surname, that was not indicative of any failing on her family's fame but likely the result of him not being from the proper circles. She relaxed a little bit, no longer trying as hard to make a good first impression.

He wasn't high class himself, she didn't think, but he brushed their edges if his remark about his father designing nice houses was anything to go by. "Well, my immediate family is from an area right near the Arizona border; we own a horse ranch out there, mostly winged ones, but a few muggle horses as well. Your dad may have also worked on either of my grandparent's houses, they're both in LA. My grandfather, Paul Greer, was a lawyer in the city and he's got a place in the Hills. My grandmother, Kathleen Burbridge - they're divorced - was an actress, still is if she can get a good role, but she's cut back a lot. She's got a place on Mulholland." If he was a muggleborn or half-blood, and ever watched any kind of movie, she expected him to at least recognize her grandmother's name, even if his father never worked on her house. In her heydey, Kathleen Burbridge been every bit as sought after as Julia Roberts. Nowadays, of course, she mostly played grandmothers and dowager Empresses and such. There just wasn't a lot of demand for leading ladies in their sixties.

Feeling she had sufficiently name dropped enough that Parker ought to be impressed, she dialed back and asked a more straight forward question, "Do you have any guesses about which House you'll be in? My parents were both Pecaris but my friend Arianna is a Crotalus, so I'm hoping I'll get to join her. It hasn't even been a whole day yet, and I'm already missing my family, so having a familiar face around would help, I think. I've never been away from home before." Well, she'd left the ranch before, of course, but not without at least having one member of her family with her. Merlin, even having Anya around would be better than being here by herself.

Well, no. That wasn't true at all. It would be so much easier to make proper friends without her sister around to cast doubt upon Jasmine's suitability. Once she had friends to support her, things would get easier. She just had to find some. If Mom could do it, so could she.

  • So much open space!Parker Fitzgerald, Fri Aug 11 15:44
    Parker Fitzgerald got off the wagon with the other students around him. He heard someone talk about elves, and remembered the buying of school supplies and the new creatures Sullivan had introduced... more
    • Eh, I've seen more — Jasmine Delachene, Fri Aug 11 21:06
      • A Subject I know!Parker Fitzgerald, Sat Aug 12 16:49
        The girl was talking about California bordering Arizona, and Parker imagined his grandfathers house and trips to the Salton Sea. He was thinking about this that he almost missed her comment about... more
        • A subject I love!Jasmine Delachene, Sat Aug 12 19:42
          Jasmine nodded as Parker stated he expected he'd be a Pecari. "My father loved it there," she encouraged. Her mother had mixed feelings; Mom had loved having a room to herself, and being with Dad,... more
          • Invisible horses?Parker Fitzgerald, Tue Aug 15 19:51
            Parker was glad to hear that her father liked it. But the absence of her mother gave him pause. Did he mishear about both her parents being Pecari? Or maybe it was a male heavy house. Parker could... more
            • Yes, of course, an invisible horse!Jasmine, Sat Aug 19 17:16
              Jasmine smiled fondly in remembrance, "Well, the first time, I was probably only three or four, so Mom rode behind me to make sure I didn't fall off. Honestly, I don't remember not riding Flossie, so ... more
              • Everyone looks like an idiotParker Fitzgerald, Tue Aug 22 12:07
                Parker was a bit spell bound. Stories of horses flying, and this seemed so mundane to the Jasmine. He paused when she mentioned not knowing how to ride a bike. He had never thought that the people... more
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