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Parker Fitzgerald
A Subject I know!
Sat Aug 12, 2017 16:49

The girl was talking about California bordering Arizona, and Parker imagined his grandfathers house and trips to the Salton Sea. He was thinking about this that he almost missed her comment about Muggle horses. He was about to make a comment about horses, but Jasmine barreled on about her grandparents.

He recognized her grandmothers name, she was an actress his parents enjoyed, and Parker always wondered why she wasn't in movies like a female Taken or Die Hard, she seemed the sort who would be great at that, but Jasmine didn't really look like her.

Though his father probably was too young to have worked on their houses, Parker knew that his father sometimes went to LA for work, though was unsure of who he worked with there.

Suddenly Jasmine's voice changed to that of an actual child. She was asking about houses at the school. Now this was something that Parker had thought about and knew about! Since Sullivan had mentioned specific houses and point systems and how each house had similar character traits Parker had been trying to think about what house he might be put in. When he wasn't marveling at the sights around him, he had been thinking about houses.

Jasmine had mentioned two houses. The first was Pecaris, which was about being active and spontaneous Parker thought. It sounded like a lot of fun actually. The other was Crotalus, which Parker remembered as the house that saw themselves as respectable members of society. From what Parker had already seen of respectable society in his world, he wasn't sure he wanted to be a part of it.
He knew there were two others, one was Teppenpah Parker thought. That was the one Parker wanted to think he was in, but probably wouldn't be.

"Pecaris I think," Parker responded so he could get a word in. "I am fairly active and though some may call it stupid, others call some of my actions daring, so I think I'll probably be there. I don't have any friends here though that I'd want to be with. They all stayed behind at my other school back in Nevada, and Sullivan told me I wasn't allowed to tell them about where I was going. Sounds like you might know more people here than I do, and judging by your jewelry, you might like Tatiana, though it might be hard to hold a conversation unless you speak Russian."

Parker hesitated for a minute before asking the question he really wanted to. "Umm...because I'm umm... well, I've only ever ridden Muggle horses. What's it like riding a flying horse? I think it would be magical."

Parker laughed at his own joke, but he really wanted to know more about these flying horses. They sounded awesome, though he wouldn't want to be standing under a flying horse when it pooped.

  • Eh, I've seen moreJasmine Delachene, Fri Aug 11 21:06
    The boy didn't recognize her family branch, but judging by the way he then stepped on his food and that she didn't recognize his surname, that was not indicative of any failing on her family's fame... more
    • A Subject I know! — Parker Fitzgerald, Sat Aug 12 16:49
      • A subject I love!Jasmine Delachene, Sat Aug 12 19:42
        Jasmine nodded as Parker stated he expected he'd be a Pecari. "My father loved it there," she encouraged. Her mother had mixed feelings; Mom had loved having a room to herself, and being with Dad,... more
        • Invisible horses?Parker Fitzgerald, Tue Aug 15 19:51
          Parker was glad to hear that her father liked it. But the absence of her mother gave him pause. Did he mishear about both her parents being Pecari? Or maybe it was a male heavy house. Parker could... more
          • Yes, of course, an invisible horse!Jasmine, Sat Aug 19 17:16
            Jasmine smiled fondly in remembrance, "Well, the first time, I was probably only three or four, so Mom rode behind me to make sure I didn't fall off. Honestly, I don't remember not riding Flossie, so ... more
            • Everyone looks like an idiotParker Fitzgerald, Tue Aug 22 12:07
              Parker was a bit spell bound. Stories of horses flying, and this seemed so mundane to the Jasmine. He paused when she mentioned not knowing how to ride a bike. He had never thought that the people... more
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