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Jasmine Delachene
A subject I love!
Sat Aug 12, 2017 19:42

Jasmine nodded as Parker stated he expected he'd be a Pecari. "My father loved it there," she encouraged. Her mother had mixed feelings; Mom had loved having a room to herself, and being with Dad, but most of her female friends had been in Crotalus. (Though Arianna's mother, she thought, might have been in Aladren. One of the Ladies had been.) Neither had Mom exactly been a typical Pecari and, honestly, given the description of the House, Jasmine really didn't know how Mom had gotten put there.

Jasmine further gathered from his comment about needing to keep his friends in the dark that he was most like muggleborn or half, which she had mostly already guessed, but it was good to have confirmation. She'd been spared that difficulty. Her family mostly kept to the wizarding side of society, aside from the Greers and Grandma Burbridge. Being homeschooled meant she had no muggle friends, and most of the other kids she did know were mostly the children of her parents' friends. And since dad had no siblings, and Uncle Danny on her mom's side had no kids, there weren't any cousins in the picture, except Aunt Molly's two, and they were both younger than Philippe. Well, Uncle Luke had a few as well, but they mostly lived with their moms, so they barely counted.

She nodded in acknowledgement of his assessment that she might like Tatiana - whoever that was - based on her jewelry (maybe the girl with the beautiful pearls) and then frowned slightly at the remark about speaking Russian. What did that mean? Did the other girl not speak English then? Father had needed to speak English when he came to Sonora, and surely French was more likely to be known than Russian was.

Then Parker changed the subject to the passion of Jasmine's life: Flying Horses. She smiled brightly and genuinely, perhaps her first real smile of the conversation. "Oh, it is magical," she promised. "My favorite is the Abraxon. Those are huge, it's like riding Dumbo. We have a few other breeds, too, and all of them are wonderful to ride. Sadly, no Thestrals though. Mom doesn't like those. They're invisible. I saw one once - well, I guess I didn't see one once. They'd probably be hard to take care of if you couldn't see them, though. But flying a winged horse - oh, it is glorious. I'm honestly kind of worried about Flying Lessons, because I don't think a broom is going to measure up at all."

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    The girl was talking about California bordering Arizona, and Parker imagined his grandfathers house and trips to the Salton Sea. He was thinking about this that he almost missed her comment about... more
    • A subject I love! — Jasmine Delachene, Sat Aug 12 19:42
      • Invisible horses?Parker Fitzgerald, Tue Aug 15 19:51
        Parker was glad to hear that her father liked it. But the absence of her mother gave him pause. Did he mishear about both her parents being Pecari? Or maybe it was a male heavy house. Parker could... more
        • Yes, of course, an invisible horse!Jasmine, Sat Aug 19 17:16
          Jasmine smiled fondly in remembrance, "Well, the first time, I was probably only three or four, so Mom rode behind me to make sure I didn't fall off. Honestly, I don't remember not riding Flossie, so ... more
          • Everyone looks like an idiotParker Fitzgerald, Tue Aug 22 12:07
            Parker was a bit spell bound. Stories of horses flying, and this seemed so mundane to the Jasmine. He paused when she mentioned not knowing how to ride a bike. He had never thought that the people... more
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