Well, mine isn't too bad
Sun Aug 13, 2017 16:14

Jehan was a little thrown off by Dorian’s assumption, not really having considered that as a possible response. Still, there was logic to the other boy’s question. It was a big world, and who knew what was going on out there?

“Probably,” Jehan confirmed. “Though I was thinking more about the idea of death, rather than a specific person. It would make a wonderfully sad story if someone died of loneliness, wouldn't it?”

He smiled hesitantly at Dorian as the other boy introduced himself, a little shy but not wanting to discourage his new acquaintance, even if it took him a step further away from martyrdom for the sake of literature. He supposed there were advantages to remaining in the land of the living, starting with the snack table that he'd have to investigate before they left the gardens. But there was time for that later, as Dorian was opening an interesting line of conversation.

“My grand-mère is French,” he explained, as she had been the reason for his name. He automatically slipped in the French word, that being the way he mentally differentiated between his two grandmothers. “So I can speak some of the language- I don't suppose you read any Baudelaire, do you?”

About a year ago, Jehan had discovered the world of poetry. Despite being an advanced reader for his age, some went over his head, but he still found enjoyment in the crafting of words to create feelings that expressed just what he couldn't. Realising that Dorian was French (or so he presumed), his brain immediately leapt to one of his favourite French poets.

One of the exciting possibilities about Sonora was that he might find others who shared his interests. Victor was a pretty amazing older brother, but he just didn't understand some things. Victor preferred to get wet and muddy rather than curl up in front of a fire with a book; he ate meat rather than realising that he wouldn't like it if someone ate him (Jehan was still debating whether or not eating plants was potentially cruel too, but was aware of the fact that he needed to actually eat something); and Victor thought that his last name was the most important thing about him (it was actually his smile, that particular one he saved just for Jehan). But Sonora promised a wider range of people, with no parents to control who was or wasn't suitable. The next seven years had the potential to be glorious.

  • From older brothers Dorian Montoir, Fri Aug 11 23:50
    Dorian stepped off the wagon and tried to tell himself that he did not feel... That word for when things were too much. He was sure there was such a word, a single word or maybe two word combination... more
    • Well, mine isn't too bad — Jehan, Sun Aug 13 16:14
      • Lucky youDorian, Wed Aug 16 22:20
        "Oh, I am sorry for misunderstanding," Dorian apologised. "My English is terrible," this was a conclusion he had been forced to reach in the past ten minutes. Prior to disembarking the wagon, he... more
        • Lucky you, it sounds like!Jehan, Sun Aug 20 07:01
          “No, I quite like your English,” reassured Jehan, not wanting Dorian to think badly of his language abilities. After all, people often said that Jehan didn’t always make much sense (even if Jehan... more
          • I'm starting to feel that wayDorian, Mon Aug 21 05:35
            Jehan liked his English. Dorian was not quite sure whether this was just a way of saying that his English was fine, or whether it meant something else -that there was something special and different... more
            • Yes, this is all going very well!Jehan, Wed Aug 23 09:55
              Jehan beamed at Dorian as the other boy said that he made sense, and that he had good thoughts. No one had ever said that to Jehan before. His flights of fancy were seen as, at best, amusing, if not... more
              • Then let's keep goingDorian, Fri Sep 15 00:48
                "Yes, that will be very good! And I can also read some more harder English with you to help," Dorian nodded, glad that Jehan had brought up the idea of shared language study so that he didn't have... more
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