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Tatiana Vorontsova
As long as there is sugar, I'll be okay.
Mon Aug 14, 2017 08:39

Tatiana could have gotten down from the wagon herself, but she accepted the assistance the fat man (some kind of servant, she assumed) offered because she knew that was what Mama would want her to do. Mama scolded her often about how she had never jumped about as much as Tatiana did when she was eleven, or even when she was younger still, because it was not pretty.

She could not seriously argue against Mama’s point about prettiness, but she didn’t think Mama could argue against her when she thought that however it looked, jumping about was quicker. While she was occupied with being a lady and thanking the fat man in her heavily accented English, Tatiana lost track of her new American friend and for a moment almost froze. It was one thing to hear English, one thing even to speak English herself, but now there were what looked like hundreds of people moving around her and they were all speaking it at the same time. So many voices together melded into a cacophonous babble, incomprehensible gibberish, and she wanted to cover her ears, but the fat man was saying something….

Follow signs. She understood that. She could do that, as said signs were clearly visible. She sounded the English letters on them out in her head: ore-ee-enn-tay-tee-on. Orient – that meant something about placement. Sounded like the place for her.

There, she saw two things: food and a sign with different English writing on it. The former was less complicated, so she went and got a tiny cake with a tall pile of what looked like whipped cream on top of it before she started reading the sign. To her delight, she didn’t have to sound it out. Happily, she used a fork to break off a bit of the tiny cake and then did a double take in surprise when she tasted the whipped cream. It was thick and grainy with sugar and yet not like a thick glaze at all - it was very dry-feeling - it was peculiar….

It was, however, good, she thought after a few more cautious, tiny samples. The cake itself was another story; it was crumbly and rather bland, with no fruits or filling of any kind, and she did not like it much, but ate it anyway because it would be strange to only eat the not-whipped cream. Looking around for something else that looked familiar, she spotted a plate of what looked like ponchiki and decided she had nothing to lose except her dignity if she spat out a poor imitation. To her relief, that did not occur; indeed, the ponchik, or whatever its makers would call it (she had not learned all the words for sweets; Anton Petrovich said that most of the specific dishes wouldn’t exist in the south anyway), almost tasted right. It could have used a dusting of orange rind in the glaze over the top, to be sure, but it was clearly some kind of fried, yeasted, fairly rich dough and it had creamy filling inside. Maybe, she thought, if these people had ponchiki, they weren’t so strange after all.

In her absorption with figuring out what American sweets tasted like, she almost missed the fat man beginning to speak to them and looked around in surprise when she heard his voice again. She was in for another surprise when he revealed his function; he was the Herbology teacher. She flushed when she deciphered the bit of the speech about English fluency, an embarrassment which was only compounded when she didn’t understand the word Anal, which seemed to be part of the name of a test. She decided she’d find someone to ask later, since it seemed this test was a long way off anyway. She brightened up when she heard something about Quidditch and flying; those were not only amusing, but things that she knew how to do.

Once the man – Professor Zay-vee-er, it had sounded like – stopped talking, he seemed to want them to talk to each other. Tatiana spotted Parker talking to a girl with a pretty necklace and, touching her own necklace to make sure the largest pearl was still centered and not resting on her collarbone or something stupid-looking like that, was about to go to speak with them when another person spoke to her first. “High,” she said, remembering that Parker had used this informal form and thus reminded her of its existence. At best, she imagined some of her classmates might be her own social equals, which did not entitle them to formal forms in Russian. She assumed some similar principle worked in English. “My name is Tatiana Andreyevna. How do you do?”

Tak mnogo slov! she thought. So many words! It was much quicker to get to the point in Russian. At least, she thought, all these words would make it apparent that she knew more or less how some of English worked….

OOC: The foods Tatiana describes are, respectively, a cupcake with American buttercream frosting on it and a Bavarian Cream doughnut.

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    • As long as there is sugar, I'll be okay. — Tatiana Vorontsova, Mon Aug 14 08:39
      • Sugar is good.Gary Harper, Thu Aug 17 16:52
        Gary was grinning like a fool when the flying wagons landed on the school grounds. That ride was awesome! He'd never really though about what kind of magical transportation wizards would use.... more
        • I'm glad you agree.Tatiana, Thu Aug 17 22:44
          Tatiana tried to work out if this one had a patronymic or not. She finally decided it didn’t much matter. They were both children, which meant it was acceptable for them to call each other ‘Tatiana’... more
          • Rumors abound about the perils of excess thoughGary Harper, Sat Aug 19 07:23
            Tatiana's response gave Gary pause for a moment, then he remembered the part of the professor's speech about language assistance for those not fluent in English. Maybe Tatiana wasn't a native English ... more
            • Eh, you only live once.Tatiana, Sat Aug 19 17:23
              The second iteration of Gary’s question made more sense. Tatiana filed away this new meaning of parts - shorthand for ‘parts of the country’. She nodded her understanding. “I come from Alaska,” said... more
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        • Well, mine isn't too badJehan, Sun Aug 13 16:14
          Jehan was a little thrown off by Dorian’s assumption, not really having considered that as a possible response. Still, there was logic to the other boy’s question. It was a big world, and who knew... more
          • Lucky youDorian, Wed Aug 16 22:20
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            • Lucky you, it sounds like!Jehan, Sun Aug 20 07:01
              “No, I quite like your English,” reassured Jehan, not wanting Dorian to think badly of his language abilities. After all, people often said that Jehan didn’t always make much sense (even if Jehan... more
              • I'm starting to feel that wayDorian, Mon Aug 21 05:35
                Jehan liked his English. Dorian was not quite sure whether this was just a way of saying that his English was fine, or whether it meant something else -that there was something special and different... more
                • Yes, this is all going very well!Jehan, Wed Aug 23 09:55
                  Jehan beamed at Dorian as the other boy said that he made sense, and that he had good thoughts. No one had ever said that to Jehan before. His flights of fancy were seen as, at best, amusing, if not... more
                  • Then let's keep goingDorian, Fri Sep 15 00:48
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        • Eh, I've seen moreJasmine Delachene, Fri Aug 11 21:06
          The boy didn't recognize her family branch, but judging by the way he then stepped on his food and that she didn't recognize his surname, that was not indicative of any failing on her family's fame... more
          • A Subject I know!Parker Fitzgerald, Sat Aug 12 16:49
            The girl was talking about California bordering Arizona, and Parker imagined his grandfathers house and trips to the Salton Sea. He was thinking about this that he almost missed her comment about... more
            • A subject I love!Jasmine Delachene, Sat Aug 12 19:42
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              • Invisible horses?Parker Fitzgerald, Tue Aug 15 19:51
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                • Yes, of course, an invisible horse!Jasmine, Sat Aug 19 17:16
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                  • Everyone looks like an idiotParker Fitzgerald, Tue Aug 22 12:07
                    Parker was a bit spell bound. Stories of horses flying, and this seemed so mundane to the Jasmine. He paused when she mentioned not knowing how to ride a bike. He had never thought that the people... more
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