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Raine Collindale
Assembling the Famous 5 (tag Tess, Nat, Nevaeh and Scout)
Thu Aug 17, 2017 09:34

Raine stepped off the wagon, pointedly ignoring Kyte. She was dressed in harem pants printed with a red elephant pattern, and a black crop top, the beaded fringe of which just about covered her stomach. She fiddled with the beads whilst she waited. She lingered on the paths instead of heading to Teppenpaw. As almost all her friends were in different houses, it made sense to meet up there so that they could hang out before the feast. Once the five of them (she counted Scout, her friend's guide dog, because she liked him as an independent being in his own right) were assembled, she picked the opposite direction to the way the first years were headed, and ambled off into the gardens until she found a suitable clearing. It had a nice, softly splashing fountain and enough space to sit on or around it. Raine opted for the floor, leaning her head against the leg of one of the girls who'd chosen to perch on the fountain side instead.

Raine was normally fairly quiet and self-contained, and so perhaps her melancholy wasn't easily apparent to anyone who didn't know her well. Her friends did though, and the main clue they might have picked up on was that, whilst she had expressed her happiness to see them, it hadn't quite carried the same enthusiasm as usual. It was also obvious now, in the way that she leant on her friend. She seemed somehow deflated or lacking her usual, albeit subtle, spark.

"I wish summer wasn't over," she sighed. "It was the best." Raine wasn't much of a letter writer, and so her friends tended to get limited news from her. She did make efforts to keep in touch though, by sending postcards from the places they stopped to perform in, with brief scribbled remarks. This year, the phrase 'sumer boyfrend' has appeared at some stage to all of them.

    • Assembled and ready for duty!Tess Whittaker, Sun Aug 20 07:02
      Truth be told, Tess wasn’t so sad that summer was over. She did miss her family whilst at Sonora, but after four years (was she really a fifth year now?!) she was kind of used to that. Plus all her... more
      • Outlining the issuesRaine, Fri Aug 25 23:02
        "Mm, maybe," she agreed without much conviction to Tess' suggestion of fifth year fun. The main thing it meant to her was CATS exams, which she wasn't even sure she could pass. Still, she didn't even ... more
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