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Gary Harper
Rumors abound about the perils of excess though
Sat Aug 19, 2017 07:23

Tatiana's response gave Gary pause for a moment, then he remembered the part of the professor's speech about language assistance for those not fluent in English. Maybe Tatiana wasn't a native English speaker. Maybe he could salvage that question after all, without sounding like a complete fool. "Sorry," he began considering his approach. "I'm from Illinois, a little outside the city of Chicago. Where are you from?"

Something about the question didn't quite sound right as he said it. It was a bit blunt, maybe? What if she didn't want to tell him for some reason? What if she took offense? He sighed internally, why was charisma his dump stat? Well, according to the people that decided he needed to be here, he was a wizard, not a sorcerer.

  • I'm glad you agree.Tatiana, Thu Aug 17 22:44
    Tatiana tried to work out if this one had a patronymic or not. She finally decided it didn’t much matter. They were both children, which meant it was acceptable for them to call each other ‘Tatiana’... more
    • Rumors abound about the perils of excess though — Gary Harper, Sat Aug 19 07:23
      • Eh, you only live once.Tatiana, Sat Aug 19 17:23
        The second iteration of Gary’s question made more sense. Tatiana filed away this new meaning of parts - shorthand for ‘parts of the country’. She nodded her understanding. “I come from Alaska,” said... more
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