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Eh, you only live once.
Sat Aug 19, 2017 17:23

The second iteration of Gary’s question made more sense. Tatiana filed away this new meaning of parts - shorthand for ‘parts of the country’. She nodded her understanding.

“I come from Alaska,” said Tatiana. “From Volshebnaya Derevnya - wizard-village,” she added, though it felt strange to translate the name of a place. Things had names and those were their names, but English-speakers were peculiar and seemed to like to change them, as they had changed her family name on the paperwork. “We talk in Russian there, so - “ bah, English plurals - “it is real name is Volshebnaya Derevnya.”

She looked at the foods Gary had with him and pointed to the pastry he had that looked like the pastry she had eaten before Professor had spoken to them. “Those are good,” she informed him. “Better at home, though. We call them there ponchiki. What you say here?”

At home, Mama scolded Tatiana for asking people too many questions and seeming undignified at social occasions, but this was school and school was like lessons, where she was supposed to ask questions to understand things better. She could be a brilliant society hostess who was always in control of every conversation she was in later. Right now, she just had to communicate at all.

  • Rumors abound about the perils of excess thoughGary Harper, Sat Aug 19 07:23
    Tatiana's response gave Gary pause for a moment, then he remembered the part of the professor's speech about language assistance for those not fluent in English. Maybe Tatiana wasn't a native English ... more
    • Eh, you only live once. — Tatiana, Sat Aug 19 17:23
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