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Tess Whittaker
Assembled and ready for duty!
Sun Aug 20, 2017 07:02 (XFF:

Truth be told, Tess wasn’t so sad that summer was over. She did miss her family whilst at Sonora, but after four years (was she really a fifth year now?!) she was kind of used to that. Plus all her best friends were at school, and her boyfriend (she never got tired of being able to refer to Ben as such) was always there, both at school and at home. She did wonder if he ever got tired of her always being nearby, but it wasn’t like they spent absolutely every minute of every day together. Anyway, he wouldn’t have agreed to date her if he didn’t like being around her, so she was pretty sure she had no cause for worry on that front.

Raine, however, was giving Tess cause for worry. Sure, the other girl was often quiet, but after being friends for so long, Tess was able to tell that this wasn’t usual Raine levels of quietness. Add the vague news about Raine’s boyfriend to her comment about summer being the best, and Tess could make a guess at what was wrong.
From her position on the fountain, above Raine’s eyelevel, Tess made a worried face at one of the other girls, before starting to play with Raine’s hair. “I don’t know, this term might be pretty good too,” she said encouragingly. “We’re fifth years now, after all, and maybe the older boys might start taking more notice of us.”

Not that Tess cared for the older boys, as she had her Ben, but hopefully pointing out the wider pool of possibilities might encourage Raine to cheer up. She had defined the guy as a ‘summer boyfriend’, after all, suggesting they had never planned to be a long-term thing, which meant perhaps she was missing being with someone, rather than the guy in particular. Or so Tess hoped; if she’d got it wrong, her comment wouldn’t be cheering at all. Tess had more experience in happy endings than pining, and she wasn’t sure what else to say. How were you supposed to cheer up someone when you didn’t know much of the details?

“Do you want to tell us about your summer?” she asked, hoping to get Raine talking and more enthusiastic, as well as trying to find out what kind of sadness they were actually dealing with.

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