I'm starting to feel that way
Mon Aug 21, 2017 05:35

Jehan liked his English. Dorian was not quite sure whether this was just a way of saying that his English was fine, or whether it meant something else -that there was something special and different about the version of English that he was speaking, which Jehan found somehow enjoyable.

"Thank you," he replied. Whilst he didn't want his English to be especially individual and noteworthy, unless it was for composing beautiful works of verse with exceptional depth of feeling (something he was quite certain he was a long way off), he still recognised that Jehan was giving him a compliment, and the gracious thing was to accept it, not to ask for clarification.

"They are," he agreed, when Jehan stated that some thoughts were hard to explain. "I think this happens to everyone. You are making sense to me, when I don't get confuse anyway," he added, and was then forced to laugh slightly at the absurdity of what he had just said. "Here is the example. This makes sense clearly to me before I say but maybe it sound strange. I mean, when I can know and follow your words, your ideas are making sense to me. Only when I get confuse by the word I don't know then we have the problem. But not with the thoughts themselves. They are the good thoughts."

When Jehan suggested that he spoke in French so his feelings and thoughts were not going unvoiced, he found hinself st a loss. For a moment, he didn't think he could think of any words, in any language to express what that idea meant to him. Other than Émilie, he had never found someone who wanted to know what he was feeling, or who cared so much about the act and the importance of expressing his emotions.

"Thank you," he said, although it was obviously said with much more heartfelt feeling than his previous thanks. "That is maybe the nicest thing someone is ever offering me," he added. He wished he could hug Jehan, but he was fairly sure that a spontaneous display of affection to a virtual stranger would get him some strange looks and unwanted attention.

Jehan then brought the conversation back to the writer. Dorian was so focussed on what the other boy was saying that some of how he said it passed him by. He didn't pick up the drop in tone as Jehan admitted to reading Muggle fiction. Especially as Jehan had not introduced himself in the society fashion, so Dorian already assumed him to have some Muggle heritage.

"Wait, are you reading him in French or in English?" was the more pressing question that now occurred to him. "If you are reading the novels in French, I think you know it better than you suggest."

He had thought that Jehan might be interested in his reading material, and at best hoped he would largely ignore the source that had started Dorian off on that tack. He felt as if someone had hit him with a stunning spell when Jehan became enthusiastic about the subject of the musical itself. Although, sadly, before he could get into his stride with the subject, Dorian was lost again.

"He is not wanting to encouraging you?" He wasn't sure whether the question he was trying to ask was 'why' or 'with what' or to just have the phrase explained in case it had an idiomatic meaning, which it might. He knew that generally parents did encourage their children, but also that Jehan hadn't expressed any particular goal other than seeing the musical, with which he certainly didn't seem to need encouraging but which seemed a harmless enough wish. He returned the phrase as a question for clarification. Answering the other boy's questions was easier though.

"We did saw already," he clarified, mentally kicking himself for forgetting his tenses the first time, which he supposed he must have done. "The costume are not the most exciting part because a lot of it is set in the school. But there is a scene with the masquerade party... It is beautiful and ugly together. The mask and the outfit look very nice, but the song is about hiding what you feel, what you are, so it is the very negative symbol and sad part of the story. There is the very nice dress at the end also.

"Absolutely it is better with the music!" he enthused, scarce believing he was being given permission to wax lyrical on such a subject. "And not just the romantic but all the feeling. Sometimes when you read the song or an idea on the paper, it seems not so much. Its meaning can seem simple, but when the music is there it is a more complex expression, and so it can express a feeling more better than words alone. Also, if you cannot catch all of the words in a story, you can know straight away how the person is feeling because of the music - he is happy, her heart is breaking. You do think so too?" he checked.

  • Lucky you, it sounds like!Jehan, Sun Aug 20 07:01
    “No, I quite like your English,” reassured Jehan, not wanting Dorian to think badly of his language abilities. After all, people often said that Jehan didn’t always make much sense (even if Jehan... more
    • I'm starting to feel that way — Dorian, Mon Aug 21 05:35
      • Yes, this is all going very well!Jehan, Wed Aug 23 09:55
        Jehan beamed at Dorian as the other boy said that he made sense, and that he had good thoughts. No one had ever said that to Jehan before. His flights of fancy were seen as, at best, amusing, if not... more
        • Then let's keep goingDorian, Fri Sep 15 00:48
          "Yes, that will be very good! And I can also read some more harder English with you to help," Dorian nodded, glad that Jehan had brought up the idea of shared language study so that he didn't have... more
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