Yes, this is all going very well!
Wed Aug 23, 2017 09:55

Jehan beamed at Dorian as the other boy said that he made sense, and that he had good thoughts. No one had ever said that to Jehan before. His flights of fancy were seen as, at best, amusing, if not considered downright ridiculous. His tutor had often scolded him for having his head in the clouds. Even Victor, who loved him, thought he was a little crazy.

Apparently, he’d also said a Very Nice Thing to Dorian, not that he’d considered the suggestion out of the ordinary. It was simply that Jehan couldn’t think of anything much more important than being able to express what one wanted to express. Plus he quite wanted to hear what Dorian had to express. Whether or not he understood it, he loved the enthusiasm that the other boy was already showing. Dorian’s gratitude and the whole connection they seemed to have going on made Jehan feel happy and a little emotional inside. He rather wanted to hug Dorian, and almost did so, when he realised that it would probably make the other boy feel uncomfortable. Hugs normally seemed to make people uncomfortable, Jehan had found, unless the person in question was Victor, and no one else was around.

Dorian’s next question gave Jehan an idea. “I’ve read his works in English, although I have been trying to read them in French. Maybe we could read together?” he suggested. He knew his French wasn’t too good, but maybe with Dorian around it would improve more quickly, or at least give him the motivation to improve.

“No, Father doesn’t want me to spend all my time on useless things like musicals and poetry,” he explained. “Well, the things he thinks are useless. Apparently I need to prepare myself for society instead of reading and singing.” Jehan wasn’t about to start agreeing with his father on that front. To him, such things were far more important than reputation, and whatever else it was he missed when he zoned out during his father’s lectures. Unlike Victor, he didn’t care about what strangers thought of him, so long as he had people who loved him.
Dorian’s description of the musical made Jehan even more envious of the other boy, and he was determined that he would see it, somehow.

He nodded along with Dorian’s opinion, generally agreeing with the other boy. “Yes, music definitely adds a lot, and it makes things oh so much more beautiful. You can really understand the characters.” He found it hard to describe, but there was just something so amazing about listening to music, and feeling the emotions. “But what about poetry? Poetry can tell some wonderful stories, but it’s not always the same if set to music. Sometimes I read a line, and it’s so beautiful I want to cry, and I can’t imagine it being any other way than just written down in ink.”

  • I'm starting to feel that wayDorian, Mon Aug 21 05:35
    Jehan liked his English. Dorian was not quite sure whether this was just a way of saying that his English was fine, or whether it meant something else -that there was something special and different... more
    • Yes, this is all going very well! — Jehan, Wed Aug 23 09:55
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        "Yes, that will be very good! And I can also read some more harder English with you to help," Dorian nodded, glad that Jehan had brought up the idea of shared language study so that he didn't have... more
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