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Outlining the issues
Fri Aug 25, 2017 23:02

"Mm, maybe," she agreed without much conviction to Tess' suggestion of fifth year fun. The main thing it meant to her was CATS exams, which she wasn't even sure she could pass. Still, she didn't even have enough brain space to be miserable about those right now. She thought Tess was optimistic if she thought the upper years had dating potential, as they were mostly That Type of Pureblood and thus not interested in someone like Raine. She didn't mention this though, as she knew Tess was only trying to make her feel better. She also didn't want the conversation to venture into the territory of the boys in their own year instead. She had the opposite problem there... She definitely did not want Ben to be checking her out, but apparently he had been, which she felt horribly guilty about given that he was dating Tess.

"It was great," she smiled, at Tess' invitation to tell them more. "His name's Dallas - I have a picture," she added, brightening as she got to talk about him. "He's got kind of a skinny face," she added for Nevaeh's benefit as she pulled the picture out of her pocket and passed it to Tess. It showed Raine and Dallas alternately smiling and pulling goofy faces. In terms of looks, his face was too thin and he was overall a bit too kooky to be everyone's cup of tea, but his face was certainly expressive and his eyes were kind. "And short dark blond dreads, and really nice hazel eyes. He's nineteen and he's my aunt's step son - so not related to me," she emphasised, in case any of them had trouble following that connection and thought something gross. "And he was helping out around the circus this summer. And he noticed me, and he liked me," she explained, these concepts clearly held up like precious treasure. Raine knew she was unusual but often people made her feel like it was for the wrong reasons, rather than the right ones. And with her cloud of wild, mousey hair she was sure she was quite far from the typical idea of beautiful. The fact that someone had thought her special was clearly very special to her.

"Oh, and don't listen to anything Kyte says about him - or Ben, cos he'll only have heard it from Kyte and he's been a jerk about the whole thing. He thinks Dallas is too old for me, or that he was just interested in me for one thing, which isn't true. We did plenty of other things besides that. Like we'd hang out and go record shopping. He has really cool taste in music.

"And we said it was only for summer from the start. It's not like he tricked me or anything. But now I miss him so much," she added, deflating again.

  • Assembled and ready for duty!Tess Whittaker, Sun Aug 20 07:02
    Truth be told, Tess wasnít so sad that summer was over. She did miss her family whilst at Sonora, but after four years (was she really a fifth year now?!) she was kind of used to that. Plus all her... more
    • Outlining the issues — Raine, Fri Aug 25 23:02
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