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Professor Sophie O'Malley
Adventure! [Beginners Potions - Years I and II]
Sat Sep 2, 2017 15:34

If she had twins again, she was gonna kill somebody.

All of the medical professionals Sophie had seen thus far in her pregnancy assured her that this was going to be a singleton, but she just felt so huge. As a rather tiny person in general, pregnancy exaggerated her body significantly, and while she was just now cusping on her third trimester, she already felt ginormous. Rolling might have been more effective than walking.

It was more of a waddle, really, with which moved, noting with some distress each time she entered her classroom that she had to keep her chair scooted much farther from her desk now and hoping no one noticed how difficult it was for her short arms to accomplish much. But they were not in her classroom today. It was the first lesson of the year, but she had sent notices to all her beginners that they would be meeting in the Gardens. Just in case anyone forgot - which was inevitable - she had signs posted on the locked classroom door, too, to direct them.

She waited in a clearing at the edge of the Gardens, checking her numbers after every few arrivals. “No worries,” she smiled to the last of the stragglers patiently. “We waited for you.” When she was certain she had as many Beginners as she was likely to get, she offered her introductions. “Welcome once again to Sonora, first years, and to my second years, welcome back. To those of you who don’t know, my name is Sophie O’Malley, and I’m your Potions professor.’ Even now, it felt weird to be on this side of the speech. She remembered her own first year at Sonora so freshly.

“I’m going to take attendance, so please answer when I call you. We’ll have to do this for the first few weeks while I get used to the new names and faces, so bear with me. Loren Aalto?” She proceeded alphabetically, all the way to Jennifer White, before she could continue. “Great. So what we’re here to do today is to talk about ingredients. Lots of the things you will be using in your potions can be found growing here, so we’re going to do a scavenger hunt to find them. First years, use your textbook as a resource on what things look like if you brought them, or else buddy up with a second year - I’d like you in pairs, anyway.” It was possible for them to have a faint familiarity with them anyway, if they had done the suggested reading that went out with their material supplies list, but it wasn’t explicitly mandatory. Likewise, she had recommended them not to bring their books with them because lugging them around was likely to be a chore.

“I have worksheets for you all up here. When you find one of the items on the list, I’d like you to try it in the box to the best of your ability. You don’t have to be a great artist, as long as I can tell what you were going for. Peyton, would you pass these out, please?” Sophie didn’t do it consciously, but there was a good chance the first year Crotalus would get volunteered quite a bit in this class. After all, that was her husband’s baby sister. It was crazy that she was old enough for school now, let alone that she was in Sophie’s own class, but she supposed that must’ve been how Alfie Pye had felt about his brother Barnaby when he was teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts.

“Take note that none of these things should be too far into the Labyrinth,” she added once the papers were out. “I know you’ve had some tours, but I really don’t want anyone to get lost. Bring me back your papers when you’ve finished, and come find me if you need anything. I will be…” she glanced around and, happily, found a nearby park bench. “Sitting out here. Or trying to, anyway. Go ahead and partner up, guys, and good luck!”

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Your student is looking for:
Wiggentree (for the bark)
And Moondew

Happy posting, everyone!

    • Beginning the Hunt!Gary Harper, Tue Oct 10 19:56
      Gary eyed up the labyrinth, as he arrived to the garden for class. He still wasn't sure about this place, there had to be more to the Labyrinth then the wizards were letting on. Sometime he'd get the ... more
      • Joining you.Connor Priory,Crotalus, Tue Oct 17 18:07
        Connor was really excited to be back at school. He felt a lot more...relaxed about it this year if being both excited and relaxed at the same time made any sense. Which he wasn't sure it did.... more
        • Good to have you aboardGary, Fri Nov 10 19:03
          'Of the Wisconsin Priorys' the phrase stuck for a moment in Gary's head. There was a group, of Connor's family dedicated to the state of Wisconsin. Did each state have a section of Priory family?... more
    • Looking for a partnerPeyton O'Malley, Crotalus, Wed Sep 20 16:09
      Potions was a class that Peyton was sort of looking forward to, because her sister-in-law Sophie was the teacher. Having a familiar face around was tremendously comforting. Okay, though the Crotalus... more
      • Sure, I guessJennifer White, Aladren, Tue Sep 26 14:05
        Second year was so far only better than first year in that Jen had her board with her at school. She hadn’t used it yet because they’d barely been back, but she had it, and that was the main thing.... more
        • Your enthusiasm is overwhelmingPeyton, Wed Oct 11 17:45
          Although the second year girl had addressed Peyton, she didn't seem too enthusiastic to work with her. The Crotalus hoped it wasn't a bad sign. She really didn't want to meet anyone mean or make any... more
          • You noticed, huhJen, Mon Oct 23 04:55
            Peyton agreed to work together and even said it was nice to meet Jen, which was definitely one of those polite platitudes you were supposed to offer. It didn’t make much sense, because unless you... more
    • But not the kind I spent half of this post thinking of.Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari, Tue Sep 5 21:02
      Tatiana loved being outdoors. At home, she could climb higher in the trees than anyone but Grisha, enjoyed long walks more than anyone did, and could play tennis even with Papa. She couldn’t win yet, ... more
      • There are many kinds.Madison Leifsson, Fri Sep 8 14:58
        Madison absolutely loathed classes. She didn’t really see the point of having to attend any when she already knew what she planned on being. She was going to be a world class soccer star, even better ... more
        • You have a point there.Tatiana, Tue Sep 12 22:17
          Of course. Tatiana knew that expression. The girl thought Tatiana was stupid. Tatiana could feel herself flushing just a bit. “I apologize,” said Tatiana stiffly. “I thought – animals were - for... more
    • I will almost definitely not set you on fireCleo James, Crotalus, Sun Sep 3 09:29
      Cleo wasn't sure what her professors had made of her during her first year. She wasn't a bad student by any means, and was certainly not intentionally disruptive. She did try hard with her spells,... more
      • Thats...comforting.Parker Fitzgerald, Pecari, Mon Sep 4 06:50
        Parker was still a bit confused about classes. What would he actually be learning? He understood the words for the classes, but was unsure of what they entailed. Would they just be teachers speaking... more
        • "Sounds good," Cleo smiled, as Parker tried to think of how he could help. She was glad to pair up with a first year. After all, Professor O'Malley had expressed a preference for them doing that, and ... more
          • Very true...partnerParker, Fri Sep 15 09:04
            Cleo seemed nice enough and whenever she smiled Parker became a bit heated. It could just be this cloak I have to wear. Parker thought, knowing it wasn't, or at least not entirely. Cleo listed off a... more
            • Off we go! Cleo, Mon Sep 18 02:48
              “Wow, you really know your stuff,” she grinned, when Parker talked about how they might be able to differentiate the white flowers. Some of the terms he rattled off she had struggled with a little in ... more
              • Indeed!Parker, Sun Sep 24 10:59
                "So that's what Professor X teaches," Parker responded to Cleo before he realized he was using the nickname in his head. He'd have to watch that in the future, especially in the Herbology class.... more
                • One down...Cleo, Sun Sep 24 20:59
                  Although Cleo had grown up with one foot in the Muggle world, she wasn’t much of a comics girl, so Parker’s nickname for their professor didn’t strike her as humorous. She simply assumed he was... more
                  • A hundreds of plants to goParker, Wed Sep 27 04:44
                    Clubs are set up and run by the students. This sentence made Parker think of all the things that interested him and what kind of club he would make. “Well it sounds like your dad’s a great guy,”... more
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