Parker Fitzgerald, Pecari
Mon Sep 4, 2017 06:50

Parker was still a bit confused about classes. What would he actually be learning? He understood the words for the classes, but was unsure of what they entailed. Would they just be teachers speaking at him like in his last school? And how would these classes help him channel his magic so he wouldn't blow out lights again.
When he saw that the first class for potions was in the Gardens and that he wouldn't have to drag that big book with him, Parker let out a whoop.

Anything done outside has got to be good. Parker thought. Plus, from the bits of the book he had skimmed through, it seemed like Potions might actually be something he'd enjoy, using plants to make things.

Though some plants seemed... odd, even from someone who grew up outside like him. There was something in a book he found in the library called Devil's Snare which seemed to attack people, and in one of his text books there was talk of a plant that cried so loud to had to wear earmuffs. To say he was interested and a bit worried in seeing what was going to happen in this Potions class was an understatement.

Upon hearing Professors O'Malley's directions Parker's heart sank a bit. He hadn't brought his book with him, so he wasn't sure what he would be looking for. He also wasn't sure if he was going to be a good partner to someone who was a second year and more experienced in all of this magic school stuff. He looked down at the sheet when it was handed to him and seeing if he recognized any of the names.

When a young woman, who was most definitely not at the first year gathering, asked if he wanted to be partners he looked around behind him to make sure she wasn't talking to someone else. Upon realizing she as talking to him he stood up a bit straighter and instinctively ran his hand through his hair, even though it would never tidy it up.

"Umm sure. That sounds great. I'll do my best to help you," Parker said. Parker thought of how he could help for a second, "If you give me descriptions I'll help you find what we're looking for. I was pretty good at finding plants back home from just the stories I was told about em."

This wasn't untrue.

Often William would tell him a story about a certain plant and ask Parker to bring it with him when he came around next. More often than not, Parker would find the plant and bring a leaf or berry from it for William the next time he went with his mom on her rounds. Parker remembered the reactions of others he had already talked to here though and decided he didn't need to bring up his lack of experience with the magical variety of plants as many seemed to think that changed him in some way.

He held out the hand that didn't have the paper in it.
"My name's Parker by the way, it's nice to meet you."

  • I will almost definitely not set you on fireCleo James, Crotalus, Sun Sep 3 09:29
    Cleo wasn't sure what her professors had made of her during her first year. She wasn't a bad student by any means, and was certainly not intentionally disruptive. She did try hard with her spells,... more
    • Thats...comforting. — Parker Fitzgerald, Pecari, Mon Sep 4 06:50
      • "Sounds good," Cleo smiled, as Parker tried to think of how he could help. She was glad to pair up with a first year. After all, Professor O'Malley had expressed a preference for them doing that, and ... more
        • Very true...partnerParker, Fri Sep 15 09:04
          Cleo seemed nice enough and whenever she smiled Parker became a bit heated. It could just be this cloak I have to wear. Parker thought, knowing it wasn't, or at least not entirely. Cleo listed off a... more
          • Off we go! Cleo, Mon Sep 18 02:48
            “Wow, you really know your stuff,” she grinned, when Parker talked about how they might be able to differentiate the white flowers. Some of the terms he rattled off she had struggled with a little in ... more
            • Indeed!Parker, Sun Sep 24 10:59
              "So that's what Professor X teaches," Parker responded to Cleo before he realized he was using the nickname in his head. He'd have to watch that in the future, especially in the Herbology class.... more
              • One down...Cleo, Sun Sep 24 20:59
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                • A hundreds of plants to goParker, Wed Sep 27 04:44
                  Clubs are set up and run by the students. This sentence made Parker think of all the things that interested him and what kind of club he would make. “Well it sounds like your dad’s a great guy,”... more
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