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Madison Leifsson
There are many kinds.
Fri Sep 8, 2017 14:58

Madison absolutely loathed classes. She didn’t really see the point of having to attend any when she already knew what she planned on being. She was going to be a world class soccer star, even better than Alex. However, there were small moments, like when they got to have class outdoors, that Madison was willing to forgive her parents for having made her come here. She took in a deep breath of the air, smelling of fresh cut grass and fragrant flowers. If she could have all of her classes outdoors, then she really wouldn’t have minded at all. It was like a surge of energy when she was outside, awakening each of her senses. Indoors just served to make her simultaneously tired and restless.

Joining her fellow classmates, Madison shifted from foot to foot, waiting for her name to be called. “Here!” She exclaimed when she heard her name. Once they were allowed to break off into groups, Madison looked around for her sister, Alex. It was always easiest to look for her twin when it came to group work. It was like having a built in partner. She didn’t have to question whether or not Alex would work with her and for another Alex usually got the answers right. Madison probably wouldn’t have to really do anything more than draw the plants that they were finding. It wasn’t that Madison couldn’t have done well in school, but a large issue was that she didn’t apply herself, a constant fact that her parents argued. She would never admit so, but why should she? Alex always did everything better so what was the point? The only thing she had a real chance in was soccer.

Spotting Alex, Madison frowned. She was already working with someone else. What was she going to do now? She had been counting on working with her sister. She hated when she had to try and find someone to work with. She always felt like no one liked her. She wasn’t the ‘bubbly one,’ the one that had been sorted into Teppenpaw. No, she had ended up in Pecari, a house known for being adventurous. She would hardly call herself adventurous. Perhaps, fearless was a better term. She wasn’t afraid of anything, never had been. When they were younger, Madison had climbed the tallest tree in their yard while all of other kids had watched in awe. It had been amazing when she had made it nearly to the top, but not so much so when she had fallen and broken her left leg, which had resulted in an unsightly scar. It was the reason that anytime that she wore shorts, skirts, or dresses, anything that showed off her legs, she made sure to wear socks that reached her knees, better if they went higher.

Not wanting to end up as the last picked student as usually that was the student that ended up with the kid that no one wanted to work with, Madison was relieved when the girl next to her turned and asked a question. She wasn’t Madison’s first pick as she seemed to be one of those girls, the kind that seemed to care more about being proper. After all, who wore such earrings to a class? However, she was a better option than some and she was in Madison’s House, so she couldn’t be all that horrific, could she? Deciding to brave it, she replied, slightly confused, “We’re hunting plants. The ones that are on the list?”

“We better get started.” Madison started walking towards the trees, hoping to find some of the plants. She wasn’t too bad at finding things. She probably would have made a decent seeker. She looked around a bit, studying each before she was confident to say, “I think we found a Wiggentree.” She drew a sketch of the bark onto her sheet. “I don’t really know much about it other than what it looks like.”

  • But not the kind I spent half of this post thinking of.Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari, Tue Sep 5 21:02
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    • There are many kinds. — Madison Leifsson, Fri Sep 8 14:58
      • You have a point there.Tatiana, Tue Sep 12 22:17
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