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Jehan Callahan
Meandering and reading
Tue Sep 12, 2017 15:00

Jehan hadn’t been at Sonora for very long yet, but already the gardens had been classified as one of his favourite places. The library was quite wonderful too, with so many books that he would never find at home, but you had to have outdoors in your life. Growing up in Idaho meant being used to the outside world, and nature provided a certain peace that seemed quite necessary for survival.

The outdoors had become more of a place of refuge for Jehan in the last few years. With Victor away at school, Jehan was lonely, and life seemed to go more smoothly if he kept out of his parents’ way. With this in mind, he had spent more and more time in the gardens and the woods around the Callahan family seat. Sometimes he had explored, trying to play his and Victor’s games alone. That just made the loneliness more apparent, though. He had also become good friends with the gardener, who had started teaching him about different types of plants, as well as giving him his own little patch of ground, in which he had grown flowers.

However, time alone outside didn’t always mean being lonely. It had become a habit for Jehan to read outside, finding that it gave him peace from the noises of the house and the inquiries of his father and tutor, both of whom were keen on Jehan reading ‘improving’ books. Jehan didn’t really want to be improved. He quite liked how he was, even if he didn’t quite fit the mould of perfect pureblood child. Apparently, he was too whimsical, too much in his own head, and too prone to saying strange things. Still, Jehan had no problems with those aspects of his character.

Despite now being at Sonora, and having lots of things to do, Jehan nevertheless found himself in need of a trip to the gardens. It was a little overwhelming, being around so many people and having such organised days. Therefore, one morning, finding himself breakfasting before many people were about, and therefore having time before lessons started, he decided to take a moment of peace and relaxation in the gardens.

His mother’s influence was waning already, and Jehan wasn’t the most neatly dressed that morning. He was wearing dark blue chinos, which were smart enough, except for the fact that they were paired with an old green jumper of Victor’s. Luckily for the continued healthiness of Jehan’s mother’s heart, she wasn’t aware that her youngest son had taken this item of clothing to Sonora. Its bagginess and slightly worn look meant that, whilst Jehan did perhaps look small and cute in it, he would not be held up as a fashion example at this particular moment. But it was comfy, and that was the main thing.

Jehan had with him a book he’d borrowed from the library, and his plan was to find a place to sit down and continue his research into flower language (his current reading topic of choice). However, he couldn’t help himself from flicking to where his bookmark was and starting to read, even as he wandered in search of a bench or similar. As such, it wasn’t until Tatiana spoke that he noticed he wasn’t alone.

He nodded in agreement with her observation, his mind skipping over the grammar mistakes and leading him to the obvious point of consideration. “A bad garden would be an awfully sad thing,” he mused, feeling grateful that he had never been confronted by such. “Kind of like an empty notebook, or an unused instrument. Do you garden?”

OOC: I just feel the need to mention that I was highly amused by Tatiana describing the gold on her house badge as fake gold.

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