Discussing humor.
Tue Sep 12, 2017 18:48

Tatiana smiled involuntarily at her classmate when he made what she at first took for a very good joke. Sad, that was the English word – They used it to mean ‘unhappy,’ but in Russian, the word meant ‘garden.’ A moment later, though, it occurred to her that there was an excellent chance that he didn’t speak a word of Russian and therefore might think she thought there was something funny about his appearance or words that he hadn’t meant to be funny. Nadezhda said that smiling wasn’t the same in the west, though – that they just…smiled at each other for no reason, at people they didn’t even know but yet didn’t consider strange-looking and who they weren’t happy to see just because they were that happy to see people, either – so maybe he would not be offended by her expression.

Empty note-book. An empty book was a diary, one wrote in it, so Tatiana didn’t think of that as intrinsically sad, but she wasn’t sure she could argue about it in his language. This boundary – this was utterly frustrating! More than articles, even, and all the other extra words. However, an unused instrument (she liked the word ‘instrument’; it was very, very close to her word for the same thing) was sad – why did nobody want that one? Anya and Mama agreed that she was very silly when she said things like that, that of course objects did not have feelings, but Tatiana sometimes made up stories in her head about objects that did, and that made unwanted things seem very sad. She nodded solemnly in agreement.

“Yes – we grow – the colors in the house – and on holiday, we grow the gardens like these,” she said, pointing to the earth. “Eat-garden. Do you say Russian words? We call them sad. Garden – our word is sad. I thought you were made a good joke,” she said, “if you know Russian.”

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    • Discussing humor. — Tatiana, Tue Sep 12 18:48
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