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You have a point there.
Tue Sep 12, 2017 22:17

Of course. Tatiana knew that expression. The girl thought Tatiana was stupid. Tatiana could feel herself flushing just a bit.

“I apologize,” said Tatiana stiffly. “I thought – animals were - for hunt. Not – these.” Her embarrassment deprived her of her vocabulary; she knew more words, more precise ones, but they were slipping from her grasp like water between her fingers, hovering at the edge of her mind and dancing about just to mock her, calling a syllable out here and there but never enough for her to try to say anything – she knew she’d end up spouting nonsense instead of the words she thought she was saying. Speaking was the hardest skill, harder even than remembering the sounds each letter made to write in English. Teachers were easy enough to understand, as they were speaking specifically to communicate things to people who knew less than they did, and she had learned enough formal phrases for communicating with teachers in dealing with Anton Petrovich that she imagined she could carry on most necessary conversations with the professors, but conversing with other children was more difficult.

We better get started. Better. It was better to acquire a beginning. That seemed like a peculiar construction of language to Tatiana, but it was understandable enough, and beginning this task was something she thought she could do. Sounding out words in her head, she thought she might know a few items. Their names were different in Russian, but she and Anton Petrovich had spent the whole last month poring over her new textbooks, the tutor cramming as many technical terms into her head as he could and explaining some concepts in Russian for her and compiling a file of references to help her later. He was still in the family's service, of course, teaching Katya now, and so she could write to him at need, but it would take a day or so for information to get back to her and it was better to have as much as she could at her fingertips ahead of time.

“They has - khraniteli,” warned Tatiana when the other girl said she did not know about the tree. “Don’t touch without – windows over your eyes.” She didn’t know how to describe the sort of protective equipment their old gardener Fyedka wore to collect from trees guardians lived in, but she knew it was important. She and the other children weren’t allowed near those trees and knew well to heed the warning; Tatiana had ignored it once and had a mark on her arm to show for it to this day, and Fyedka and Mama, far from showing her any sympathy, had both scolded her as roughly as she had ever been scolded in her life for her stupidity, telling her how it could have been her eye had she not had the luck to have still had a tennis racket in her hand when she decided to prove she was the bravest of her siblings even while doctoring the numerous scratches she’d acquired.

  • There are many kinds.Madison Leifsson, Fri Sep 8 14:58
    Madison absolutely loathed classes. She didn’t really see the point of having to attend any when she already knew what she planned on being. She was going to be a world class soccer star, even better ... more
    • You have a point there. — Tatiana, Tue Sep 12 22:17
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