Then let's keep going
Fri Sep 15, 2017 00:48

"Yes, that will be very good! And I can also read some more harder English with you to help," Dorian nodded, glad that Jehan had brought up the idea of shared language study so that he didn't have to. He was already looking forward to seeing what works Jehan would introduce him to, and thinking of other French authors whom he regarded highly enough to bring for Jehan's perusal.

"But they are not useless!" he protested, when Jehan talked about his father dismissing poetry. "This is the certainty of someone who speaks his language without difficulty. It is my goal to understand poetry, without help. Only then, I can say 'yes, I speak English completely.'And what is more important than expressing properly what is in your soul?" he was sure Jehan had put this agrument across already. He pondered the problem for a moment. "Surely though, even if you take his position that society is the most important, can you not from this tell him that he should find poetry important? To make your way in society well is to give good presentation of yourself. To give good presentation of yourself, you can only do with a brilliant command of words. They make me study this. They call it 'rhetoric' when it is making the good speeches to other people, but all of it requires to be the master of language. So study of poetry is study of language, which is the best preparation for making yourself good in society. There is a Chinese saying," assuming that the same rule applied as it did with French, even though Jehan would definitely not understand this, he quoted the saying in its original form first, before trying to search for the right words to explain it. "It is like... The greatest wizard is the one with the best... Li. The person who write about him? In French, le scribe. Not ecrivain,, not writer... The more old-fashioned one? All is meaning, the words and praise we give of people's deeds are what make the story of their life, not the things that we actually do. Words have power.

"Of course. A song is not just a poem that is... we cannot say 'singed'?" he checked. He knew it was wrong. It sounded wrong. But what did one say? "And the poem is not a song without music. Writing them is different skills."

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    Jehan beamed at Dorian as the other boy said that he made sense, and that he had good thoughts. No one had ever said that to Jehan before. His flights of fancy were seen as, at best, amusing, if not... more
    • Then let's keep going — Dorian, Fri Sep 15 00:48
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