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Very true...partner
Fri Sep 15, 2017 09:04

Cleo seemed nice enough and whenever she smiled Parker became a bit heated.

It could just be this cloak I have to wear. Parker thought, knowing it wasn't, or at least not entirely.

Cleo listed off a bunch of information about the different flowers and pods and trees. She even gave him a game plan, which was comforting as he had no idea if some of these were in a specific place in the garden. Oh My O'Malley seemed not too concerned so Parker was sure their wandering would be safe.

Following Cleo's game plan they would have to look for two possibly three white flowers and something that was a Puffapod first. A pink pod. Cleo also seemed to know where to find one of the plants for sure. The other was a tree, which made sense due to it's name. Though it could have just as easily not been a tree for all Parker knew, so he was glad that Cleo didn't seem condescending when she mentioned the fact.

"Got it, white flowers first. I am assume they are with different petal formations, possibly different stems as well as stamen and pistol positions? Actually, I don't know if that's how magical flowers reproduce. So just look for white flowers with different petals and steams. Got it." Parker said more to himself than to Cleo. He found that he often talked through his thoughts. Sometimes when he was talking, he wasn't quite sure where he was going till he got there, and often had to look back over his comments to see where he'd been too. But thinking back over these comments, it all made sense.

Parker started looking around them for white flowers of any sort.

"I did," Parker responded to Cleo keeping his eyes on the ground. He wanted to add something to their team of two, and it obviously wasn't going to be the brains, so he might as well give them the eyes.

"It helped me in keeping away from my older brother. That and I enjoyed climbing trees, picking plants, tracking animals till I lost their tracks." Parker paused to examine something on the ground, but ignored it as it seemed to move, and kept talking.

"Plus, this old Indian man used to give me tasks to find different plants in the mountains near where I lived. The kind of plants that didn't grow in my mother's garden. Did you spend a lot of time outside before...?" Parker looked up briefly and waved his hands around in circles. He hoped Cleo would understand he meant the school, but he had forgotten it's name suddenly.

He wasn't a good student per say, but when his mind was focused on one task, it sometimes was difficult to remember other things for him. Especially newer things like names.

He turned his eyes back to the path and stopped. Parker pointed to something white. Well to be honest it was black and white. White petals with a black stem. It looked a bit scary to him. Something he might see in a comic book being held by a villain.

"Is that one of the white flowers we need?"

OOC - No worries, I'd have no idea where to even begin to look. So I guess this is a good character for me to use as I learn these things.

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    • Very true...partner — Parker, Fri Sep 15 09:04
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