Off we go!
Mon Sep 18, 2017 02:48

“Wow, you really know your stuff,” she grinned, when Parker talked about how they might be able to differentiate the white flowers. Some of the terms he rattled off she had struggled with a little in her first year. Cleo was a very practical gardener - she knew what was a weed, and how to pull it out, she knew what vegetables they should plant at each time of the year, and how to check they were ready. The Latin names and biological workings of plants were things she was getting to grips with via classes. “You’ll be great at Herbology - it’s all about plants. That’s my favourite class. Professor Xavier, who takes it, is super nice too. He lets me help out with things in the gardens, and he’s helping me to plan my gardening club. Oh, I guess you met him at orientation?” she added.

“That sounds cool,” she nodded, when he talked about climbing trees and tracking and his Indian friend. “Why did you need to keep away from your brother? Is he not very nice?” she asked.

“Yes,” she nodded, when he asked if she’d spent a lot of time outside before, “Daddy and me have an allotment where we grow lots of vegetables. We’re up there every Sunday, and sometimes evenings in summer when they’re nice and long.

“That’s Moondew. Well spotted!” she grinned, when he pointed out the small white flowers. As for how it differed to the others on the list, she thought that would become more apparent as they looked for the different flowers, and Parker could compare for himself, and put it into his notes. He seemed to be doing ok so far from the directions given.

OOC - there were links from Professor O’Malley’s post to each plant’s entry on the HP wiki. Often staff will link resources if there are any that go with the lesson, or the HP wiki is a good place to start searching.

  • Very true...partnerParker, Fri Sep 15 09:04
    Cleo seemed nice enough and whenever she smiled Parker became a bit heated. It could just be this cloak I have to wear. Parker thought, knowing it wasn't, or at least not entirely. Cleo listed off a... more
    • Off we go! — Cleo, Mon Sep 18 02:48
      • Indeed!Parker, Sun Sep 24 10:59
        "So that's what Professor X teaches," Parker responded to Cleo before he realized he was using the nickname in his head. He'd have to watch that in the future, especially in the Herbology class.... more
        • One down...Cleo, Sun Sep 24 20:59
          Although Cleo had grown up with one foot in the Muggle world, she wasn’t much of a comics girl, so Parker’s nickname for their professor didn’t strike her as humorous. She simply assumed he was... more
          • A hundreds of plants to goParker, Wed Sep 27 04:44
            Clubs are set up and run by the students. This sentence made Parker think of all the things that interested him and what kind of club he would make. “Well it sounds like your dad’s a great guy,”... more
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