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Sun Sep 24, 2017 10:59

"So that's what Professor X teaches," Parker responded to Cleo before he realized he was using the nickname in his head. He'd have to watch that in the future, especially in the Herbology class. "Gardening Club sounds interesting. I'm sure it would be a bit different with magical gardens", Parker said before thinking of something else. "If there are already gardens here on campus, why hasn't there been a Gardening Club before?"

When Cleo asked about his brother he hesitated. "My brother can be," Parker paused trying think of the best way to say it without being mean cause it was still his brother. "My brother can be moody at times, and very pushy at others." Parker didn't want to talk about his brother, so he tried to change the subject.
"Do you have any brothers or sisters?"

The way Cleo talked about the allotment it sounded quite nice, he wanted to picture it in his minds eye better.
"That sounds nice. Where is the allotment?" Parker asked, immediately realizing his question might be misinterpreted. "I mean, where does your dad live?"

Parker saw her grin as he pointed to what was Moondew, and immediately moved his eyes away. He could feel his cheeks getting a bit red. Instead he pulled out his worksheet.

"You don't happen to be starting an Art Club too would you?" He asked smiling and looking at his paper, knowing that drawing was not in his list of talents, but also hoping that he might be able to at least make her laugh.

  • Off we go! Cleo, Mon Sep 18 02:48
    “Wow, you really know your stuff,” she grinned, when Parker talked about how they might be able to differentiate the white flowers. Some of the terms he rattled off she had struggled with a little in ... more
    • Indeed! — Parker, Sun Sep 24 10:59
      • One down...Cleo, Sun Sep 24 20:59
        Although Cleo had grown up with one foot in the Muggle world, she wasn’t much of a comics girl, so Parker’s nickname for their professor didn’t strike her as humorous. She simply assumed he was... more
        • A hundreds of plants to goParker, Wed Sep 27 04:44
          Clubs are set up and run by the students. This sentence made Parker think of all the things that interested him and what kind of club he would make. “Well it sounds like your dad’s a great guy,”... more
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