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Jennifer White, Aladren
Sure, I guess
Tue Sep 26, 2017 14:05

Second year was so far only better than first year in that Jen had her board with her at school. She hadn’t used it yet because they’d barely been back, but she had it, and that was the main thing. Also she wasn’t the youngest any more, which she guessed was kind of something, but nobody seemed to expect the second years to know a great deal more than the first years - they even had classes together, so really even the staff thought that, apparently. Okay, the classes would be teeny if they didn’t combine yeargroups, so it was probably just a logistics thing, but her point was still valid.

Last year Jen had learned to like Professor O’Malley, by which she meant that she found the professor tolerable. She always began school with an automatic dislike and mistrust of all the staff members, that way they didn’t disappoint her. She had similar expectations of her classmates. At Sonora, however, Jen would confess to being, for the most part, pleasantly surprised on both counts. She didn’t hate any of her professors, and she only really hated Cleo, and that was just because the other girl was determined to be a pain in Jen’s ass. Whatever, O’Malley was cool, most of the time, but she was, right now, alarmingly pregnant. Like drop a baby any second pregnant, and okay Jen didn’t think it literally worked like that, but she was not okay with finding out. A scavenger hunt where she could legitimately scarper sounded like the best plan anyone’d had all day.

Unfortunately she had been called ‘Jennifer’ at the start of the class, which wasn’t going to improve her mood any, and she was expected to partner up with a first year, which was so unjust. She didn’t support partner work at the best of times, but when she had to carry the weight of some tiny brand new first year, too, it was severely unpalatable. She hung back a bit, partly out of habit, partly because she didn’t even know any of the first years, but she could bet the first ones to partner up would be the over-eager, annoyingly enthusiastic types. Within moments groups seemed to be forming as Jen watched with mild disinterest.

From behind black, rectangular-framed lenses, Jen spotted the girl who had handed out the sheets. The Professor had asked for her by name, and there was definitely another 'O'Malley' read out on the register just now. It didn't take a genius to add those details up and conclude there was some kind of relationship there. Jen understood that there was a reasonable amount of family and student loyalty to the school, so previous students sent their kids there, or some came back to teach, and stuff like that, so it happened a fair amount that staff knew the students even when they’d just started. Whatever, the other kids was currently partnerless, so even though she was reluctant to be pairing up with the obvious choice for teacher's pet, Jen slunk over, the torn hems of her wide-legged jeans scuffing along the ground.

“Hey, I’m Jen, I’m in second year,” she sighed resignedly. “We can work together on this if you want?”

  • Looking for a partnerPeyton O'Malley, Crotalus, Wed Sep 20 16:09
    Potions was a class that Peyton was sort of looking forward to, because her sister-in-law Sophie was the teacher. Having a familiar face around was tremendously comforting. Okay, though the Crotalus... more
    • Sure, I guess — Jennifer White, Aladren, Tue Sep 26 14:05
      • Your enthusiasm is overwhelmingPeyton, Wed Oct 11 17:45
        Although the second year girl had addressed Peyton, she didn't seem too enthusiastic to work with her. The Crotalus hoped it wasn't a bad sign. She really didn't want to meet anyone mean or make any... more
        • You noticed, huhJen, Mon Oct 23 04:55
          Peyton agreed to work together and even said it was nice to meet Jen, which was definitely one of those polite platitudes you were supposed to offer. It didn’t make much sense, because unless you... more
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