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Connor Priory,Crotalus
Joining you.
Tue Oct 17, 2017 18:07

Connor was really excited to be back at school. He felt a lot more...relaxed about it this year if being both excited and relaxed at the same time made any sense. Which he wasn't sure it did. However, the fact that he had gone to school last year without any catastrophe befalling his family in his absence made him feel like he could worry less now. In turn that meant he could go and focus better on things at school with regards to making friends and stuff.

Of course, now that he was in Potions class, Connor was looking at Professor O'Malley's very pregnant form and worrying that she was going to tip over. His mom hadn't looked like that when she was pregnant but it had been hard on her because she had terrible back problems normally. He couldn't imagine that his professor wasn't having them now though. She looked kind of uncomfortable.

If there was any way he could help her, he would, but she asked a girl named Peyton who was apparently some kind of relative judging by the fact that they had the same last name to hand out the sheets instead. Connor accepted one from the first year and thanked her.

The lesson sounded really fun though drawing wasn't his best skill. Actually, truth be told, Connor wasn't all that artistically talented. Still,when one of the first years approached him, he gave the younger boy a big friendly smile. The Crotalus really did want to help the new first years to feel comfortable and welcome at Sonora. "Sure." Connor agreed. "I'm Connor Priory, of the Wisconsin Priorys. Nice to meet you, Gary."

  • Beginning the Hunt!Gary Harper, Tue Oct 10 19:56
    Gary eyed up the labyrinth, as he arrived to the garden for class. He still wasn't sure about this place, there had to be more to the Labyrinth then the wizards were letting on. Sometime he'd get the ... more
    • Joining you. — Connor Priory,Crotalus, Tue Oct 17 18:07
      • Good to have you aboardGary, Fri Nov 10 19:03
        'Of the Wisconsin Priorys' the phrase stuck for a moment in Gary's head. There was a group, of Connor's family dedicated to the state of Wisconsin. Did each state have a section of Priory family?... more
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