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You noticed, huh
Mon Oct 23, 2017 04:55

Peyton agreed to work together and even said it was nice to meet Jen, which was definitely one of those polite platitudes you were supposed to offer. It didn’t make much sense, because unless you just wanted to meet everyone then you couldn’t possibly asses how nice it was to meet a person just when you met them. Like, if ‘nice to meet you’ if the first sentence that passes between you, there is obviously no truth in it. But Jen knew that wasn’t Peyton’s fault. She was just trying to be friendly or whatever. So Jen just nodded to acknowledge the younger girl’s name, and peered down at their worksheet.

Peyton asked which way to go, reminding Jen why she didn’t like partner work - all her decisions and thoughts and ideas had to be laid out for someone else’s scrutiny and approval. Luckily, she did have an idea about where to find one item on the list. “We can head that way to find Wiggentrees,” she nodded her head in the direction of the path, as well as pointing with her left hand, holding the worksheet out as a directional flag. “Maybe asphodel as well,” she thought aloud, then shrugged, slightly displacing her backpack, which was slung over one shoulder. She pulled on the other shoulder, too, balancing the weight of her dusty, purple-and-black check bag evenly over her back.

“You know what these things all look like?” she asked Peyton, brushing some of her short, mousey-brown hair behind her ear, circumnavigating the black frames of her rectangular glasses. Peyton’s level of knowledge didn’t matter for the assignment, because Jen thought she could find all the things on their worksheet - she liked herbology, as well as recognising the ingredients from her potions supplies last year, and she’d spent a reasonable amount of time in the labyrinth, borrowing Ryder’s board or grumpily walking alone because she didn’t have her own board to use - but it would give her an indication of whether she needed to show her partner all the plants or if she’d have some help finding them.

  • Your enthusiasm is overwhelmingPeyton, Wed Oct 11 17:45
    Although the second year girl had addressed Peyton, she didn't seem too enthusiastic to work with her. The Crotalus hoped it wasn't a bad sign. She really didn't want to meet anyone mean or make any... more
    • You noticed, huh — Jen, Mon Oct 23 04:55
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