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Calling of the Garden Explorers! (tag Cleo
Wed Oct 25, 2017 05:36

After dinner Parker had told Cleo he had to get something from his room really quick and that he'd meet her in the Garden. As Parker raced back to the Pecari common room he thought about what it was he was going to get.

When she had mentioned the wishing well, Parker thought that instead of money maybe the wishing well needed something more personal to work. Though he had clothes and a few other things, he hadn't brought a whole lot with him to Sonora that he hadn't bought specifically for school. He didn't really have a whole lot of personal stuff yet that he'd gathered either. The only thing he considered kind of his was the broom that Ingrid had let him use, so it wasn't his to throw down a well even if he had wanted to.

Parker ran into his room and began opening books and drawers trying to think of what might work with the wishing well. He knew well enough what he wanted to wish for. He wanted to feel comfortable with this magic stuff. Flying broom, changing things from one thing to another, making actual potions. Defense against the Dark Arts class gave him willies in part because he didn't like the idea that this world where he still didn't fully understand it, had other things he didn't understand that might actually hurt him. He felt that if he were more comfortable with magic in general he might be able to get his head around many of his classes or at least Quidditch.

He sat down on his bed and thought about what he could throw in the well. Sitting on his bed side table was the sprig of Juniper that he had in his hand what seemed like years ago when he found out he used magic. He would hold on to it sometimes to remind him that this was all real, and all right. That he belonged here.

That would be perfect!

Parker didn't want to get rid of all of it though. He knew he'd need some of it going forward, and as he had yet to see any Juniper trees in the gardens he decided to rip the sprig in half. He put part of it in his pocket leaving the other on the beside table.

Walking through the Garden as the sun set looking for Cleo, he put his hand in his pocket feeling the sprig and new it was the right choice. Now they had to find the wishing well. It sounded like maybe Cleo had found it before, but maybe not. Either way, he was now prepared if they came to the wishing well.

    • Answering the call (belatedly)Cleo James, Wed Nov 1 03:46
      Cleo wandered slowly into the garden, not wanting to get too far so that Parker could easily find her. She found herself strangely excited for the walk in gardens. In some ways it was just a walk,... more
      • As long as there's voicemail we're fineParker Fitzgerald, Mon Nov 6 04:03
        Parker reached into his pocket to touch the bit of juniper he'd gotten when Cleo asked what he'd gone to get. "Not a coin, but it is worth something to me," he said with a smile. He wasn't sure how... more
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