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Cleo James
Answering the call (belatedly)
Wed Nov 1, 2017 03:46

Cleo wandered slowly into the garden, not wanting to get too far so that Parker could easily find her. She found herself strangely excited for the walk in gardens. In some ways it was just a walk, just a walk to a place she already knew… But Parker had deemed it exploring! And then there was Parker himself. She finally had a friend her own age (well, almost) and daddy would be happy about that. For all that he’d encouraged her love of gardening, he didn’t seem to think she should spend all her time with Professor Xavier. Cleo supposed she saw his point… It was nice to have friends. She just hadn’t really minded not having so many of them last year and spending her time in the greenhouse instead…

Her thoughts were interrupted by Parker rejoining her.

“What were you getting?” she asked him curiously, not noticing him burdened down by any additional objects. “Coins for the fountain?” she guessed, as presumably whatever he’d gone for was small enough to fit into his pocket.

“It’s this way,” she added, as they reached a fork in the path that they needed to take. The fountain wasn’t far off, but it was down a small path that looked relatively dull and uninviting otherwise, skirting as it did around the edge, rather than plunging into the middle of the labyrinth.

  • Calling of the Garden Explorers! (tag CleoParker - Pecari, Wed Oct 25 05:36
    After dinner Parker had told Cleo he had to get something from his room really quick and that he'd meet her in the Garden. As Parker raced back to the Pecari common room he thought about what it was... more
    • Answering the call (belatedly) — Cleo James, Wed Nov 1 03:46
      • As long as there's voicemail we're fineParker Fitzgerald, Mon Nov 6 04:03
        Parker reached into his pocket to touch the bit of juniper he'd gotten when Cleo asked what he'd gone to get. "Not a coin, but it is worth something to me," he said with a smile. He wasn't sure how... more
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