California dreaming on such a winter’s day!
Wed Nov 1, 2017 11:54

Jasmine had lived in the southern half of California for as far back as she could remember. Her parents’ ranch had seen snow before, but she could count on one hand the number of times she had seen it get deep enough to cover the grass. Stepping off the wagon at Sonora in early January was almost more magical than it had been in September.

Leaving her luggage for the elves to deliver up to her room in Crotalus, she walked out into the Winter Wonderland formerly known as the Labyrinth Gardens. Despite the unfortunate fact that it wasn’t currently snowing, she held her hands up toward the sky and twirled, laughing. (Television told her this was the proper way to appreciate snow and as this was magic school snow, she didn’t want it to feel slighted just in case it was marginally sentient.)

She was poorly dressed for the weather - she was wearing a coat and gloves and a hat and even boots, but they were fashionable rather than warm as her home area had been above freezing when she left it and she hadn’t anticipated the Arizona dessert to be any colder when she arrived - but right now she didn’t particularly care. There was so much snow!

Smiling at the nearest student not beelining for the school after getting off their wagon she asked excitedly, “Do you think there are sleds out here somewhere?”

  • Snow time! DH Skies, Tue Oct 31 17:01
    Not many students or staff stayed at Sonora over Midterm, which meant that the full spectacle of the weather charms was somewhat lost. In spite of the school’s location in the Painted Desert, it had... more
    • My first snowball.Amelia Layne, Mon Nov 6 14:10
      The school founders had been from a place even further east than Amelia was, so Amelia expected the school grounds to seem a bit cooler than she was really comfortable with when she returned to... more
      • I'll be gentle thenKir McLeod, Mon Nov 6 16:27
        Kir’s holidays had been very enjoyable, as they always were. Whilst Christmas Day was a small, family affair, there was always a big party for New Year at the Foundation. His father and aunt’s... more
        • Do you expect me to return the favor?Amelia, Tue Nov 7 19:24
          “Really,” confirmed Amelia, amused by Kir McLeod’s expression and tone when she explained why she was laughing at a snowball. “It doesn’t get cold enough for snowballs where I’m from, or at least I... more
          • I'll give as good as I get...Kir, Sat Nov 11 11:48
            “Where’s that then?” Kir asked, as she explained she was from one of the not so snowy states. He wondered why such people didn’t plan their vacations around getting some snow. He knew he had a slight ... more
            • Excellent.Amelia, Wed Nov 22 20:59
              “South Carolina,” said Amelia when Kir asked where she was from. “The hotter part of it. I think they get a lot of ice in a few places, higher up, but…we don’t.” She didn’t see if her snowball made... more
    • In the gardens we can build a snowman (Tag Jemima)Owen Brockert, Sat Nov 4 18:34
      Owen was looking forward to going back to school and seeing Jemima every day again. He didn't know what he would do once they graduated. Them getting married someday would be inevitable-assuming her... more
      • And pretend that he is Parson Brown. He'll say...Jemima Wolseithcrafte, Wed Nov 8 16:46
        Jemima returned Owen’s hug and kiss warmly. She sort of wished the holidays could go on forever because she found Christmas completely magical and romantic, something that she suspected she would... more
        • ....I walked into that one.Owen, Sat Dec 2 20:16
          Owen considered Jemima's question. "Not an order per se." Truth be told, he didn't always think in terms of orders, ranks, quantifiable data. Just another thing that made him worried about relating... more
          • I don't remember the words going like thatJemima, Mon Dec 11 21:30
            “Mmm, or the crabcakes in Baltimore. Or just the smell of the curries in Providence…” They had been visiting with her slightly more culinarily conservative parents, and had had to opt to try some of... more
            • How about a different song then?Owen, Thu Dec 14 04:44
              His mouth couldn't help watering a bit as Jemima described the different foods but he tried not to think about it as there was still time before the Returning Feast and Owen didn't want to start... more
    • Incoming! [Tag Ben (and any of their friends)]Tess Whittaker, Wed Nov 1 13:53
      Christmas was always a lovely time of year, and this year had been especially lovely. Emma was getting bigger, and able to join in more with present unwrapping, which was so cute! Three operations... more
      • Snowball fight!Ben Pierce, Wed Nov 1 15:16
        Ben loved Christmas break. The festive spirit. Family. Presents. Ski trip with Uncle Four and Reggie. Cole was still only a year and a half old so not quite into it yet (the skiing or Christmas) but... more
    • California dreaming on such a winter’s day! — Jasmine, Wed Nov 1 11:54
      • With daylight, too!Tatiana Vorontsova, Wed Nov 1 13:52
        Tatiana had experienced mixed emotions on leaving home for reasons other than hating to leave her family before her name’s day was even past, and these had mostly to do with the weather. On the one... more
        • Tracks in the snowJasmine, Wed Nov 1 15:43
          Jasmine had been a bit taken aback the first few times she had heard Tatiana’s accented and somewhat uncertain English, but as the days of their acquaintance had turns to weeks and then months, she... more
          • These boots are made for walking.Tatiana, Thu Nov 2 13:06
            Trak . That meant, evidently, what a shoe made in snow. Tatiana noted this; absorbing vocabulary from any source she felt reasonably sure of was such a habit now that she didn’t even think about it... more
            • These boots . . . are notJasmine, Fri Nov 3 10:05
              "Poidem!" Jasmine declared cheerfully, repeating the word she could only assume meant "let's go" in Russian. She had no expectation she'd remember it even five minutes from now, but for now, she... more
              • That is unfortunate.Tatiana, Fri Nov 3 12:48
                Tatiana was dreadfully confused at first by Jasmine’s attempt to explain where she had obtained her pretty (if not very weather-appropriate-looking) boots. Had she gotten them from Professor Nash or... more
                • Jasmine nodded and smiled, pleased to know that Tatiana celebrated Christmas, too. She loved Christmas and she always felt a little sad when she found out somebody didn't get the joy of getting a lot ... more
                  • It's a crying shame.Tatiana, Mon Nov 6 13:34
                    Tatiana smiled in pleasure when Jasmine said she did like Tatiana’s earrings. “Thank you,” she said politely. Earring s - that was the English plural, which was logical, as earrings came in pairs, or ... more
                    • I have tearsJasmine, Tue Nov 7 10:11
                      Oh, Alaska. Jasmine pictured a land that consisted of nothing but snow and ice, and maybe a few igloos. Definitely colder than here. She shook her head apologetically when she didn’t recognize the... more
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