Ben Pierce
Snowball fight!
Wed Nov 1, 2017 15:16

Ben loved Christmas break. The festive spirit. Family. Presents. Ski trip with Uncle Four and Reggie. Cole was still only a year and a half old so not quite into it yet (the skiing or Christmas) but he was a happy and giggly kid, so Ben had no complaints at all about spending the two weeks in close proximity to his tiny cousin.

No amount of cajoling by Four, though, was going to get Ben to change the toddlerís diaper, and he was kind of glad to be heading back to school where his roommates didnít wake up crying at 5am. In Boston, that hadnít been a problem, since the Derry brothers had separate apartments, but the slopes where Four rented a cabin for the last week of midterm was an entirely different arrangement.

School had another benefit as well, one he hadnít gotten to see much over break and her lovely name was Tess. He spent the wagon ride catching up with her, happily reconnecting with his girlfriend.

Landing on Sonora grounds, he was calling out a greeting so some of their other friends when Tessís voice yelled out a laughing warning.

Ben turned around just in time to get a face full of snow. He reeled back a step or two, surprised by the unexpected and freezing cold attack, but he was a native of New England and an annual denizen of snow covered mountain slopes. Once heíd sorted out what had just happened, he was laughing too and scooping up another snowball to retaliate, throwing the first one back at Tess but not waiting a even moment before packing together another so as not to exclude anyone else he knew in the immediate area from the snowball fight.

  • Incoming! [Tag Ben (and any of their friends)]Tess Whittaker, Wed Nov 1 13:53
    Christmas was always a lovely time of year, and this year had been especially lovely. Emma was getting bigger, and able to join in more with present unwrapping, which was so cute! Three operations... more
    • Snowball fight! — Ben Pierce, Wed Nov 1 15:16
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