I know; why can't they be fashionable and functional?
Sun Nov 5, 2017 15:07

Jasmine nodded and smiled, pleased to know that Tatiana celebrated Christmas, too. She loved Christmas and she always felt a little sad when she found out somebody didn't get the joy of getting a lot of presents in the middle of winter. It seemed like a waste of a relatively miserable part of the year to not have anything special happen then.

"Oh, I do like those earrings," she complimented the gift from Tatiana's parents with enthusiasm. As a rule, Jasmine loved all jewelry, and Tatiana's in particular always seemed especially tasteful and lovely.

She rubbed her hands together again, then tucked her fingers under her armpits. "I'm wishing I got some nice warm gloves right about now," she admitted. "These ones, I think, were made with Southern California in mind. Though, honestly, I don't understand why Arizona is so much colder than home." She jumped a bit in place to get her blood moving before moving along the path of footprints they were following. "This is supposed to be a desert," she complained.

Of course, if it wasn't cold, the snow would just melt away and then the Gardens would have the same problem the ranch did. So she just started rubbing her arms and wished she was old enough to know how to cast a warming charm. That would solve the problem, too. Maybe when they found Professor Xavier, he could cast one on her. "Is it very cold where you live?" she asked, guessing from how much more functional Tatiana's boots looked than her own that she must be from a more frigid climate.

  • That is unfortunate.Tatiana, Fri Nov 3 12:48
    Tatiana was dreadfully confused at first by Jasmine’s attempt to explain where she had obtained her pretty (if not very weather-appropriate-looking) boots. Had she gotten them from Professor Nash or... more
    • I know; why can't they be fashionable and functional? — Jasmine, Sun Nov 5 15:07
      • It's a crying shame.Tatiana, Mon Nov 6 13:34
        Tatiana smiled in pleasure when Jasmine said she did like Tatiana’s earrings. “Thank you,” she said politely. Earring s - that was the English plural, which was logical, as earrings came in pairs, or ... more
        • I have tearsJasmine, Tue Nov 7 10:11
          Oh, Alaska. Jasmine pictured a land that consisted of nothing but snow and ice, and maybe a few igloos. Definitely colder than here. She shook her head apologetically when she didn’t recognize the... more
          • I have...very little shame, anyway.Tatiana, Tue Nov 7 21:09
            “Not mine also,” said Tatiana when Jasmine, with what sounded like regret, admitted that geography was not her best subject. “Me – I…mostly know where is California.” She also knew where Arizona was, ... more
            • No need for tears now. It’s time to sled!Jasmine , Wed Nov 8 09:28
              Jasmine smiled back, feeling an odd kinship with the Russian-speaking girl (being from Alaska, Jasmine guessed Tatiana wasn’t technically Russian) as she admitted she was also lousy at geography. It... more
              • Poidem (Let's go)!Tatiana, Wed Nov 22 21:51
                Tatiana’s eyebrows lifted slightly in surprise when she heard that Jasmine had never gone sledding before. This seemed very sad to her, though she wasn’t sure she should say so to Jasmine – perhaps... more
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