Parker Fitzgerald
As long as there's voicemail we're fine
Mon Nov 6, 2017 04:03

Parker reached into his pocket to touch the bit of juniper he'd gotten when Cleo asked what he'd gone to get.

"Not a coin, but it is worth something to me," he said with a smile. He wasn't sure how he could explain why the part of a non magical plant would be what he chose as his offering for the well.

As they walked, he realized that's what he imagined it as, an offering. A token to the labyrinth and the well that if they deemed him worthy, he might get his wish.

Parker was excited and bounced a little as Cleo walked them down the garden path. Though they weren't breaking any rules, nor going anywhere dangerous, the evening light gave Parker a bit of a thrill as they walked in it. Added to that, the path they took didn't go into the center of the labyrinth, so Parker had ignored it on his pre-class walks. It was someplace new.

"Have you explored a lot of the Labyrinth? " Parker asked, imagining all the other small places he might habe ignored or missed. Maybe Cleo had an internal map of the Labyrinth or maybe there already was one. One that showed secret entrances to places, like the Pecaris room, or the wishing well.

"Or maybe you know of a map that shows where all the paths go?" was how he worded it when he asked outloud.

Thinking about the posters and books he'd already seen, Parker imagined a map that could have the things he thought of, but might also show where people were in the labyrinth or what the weather was or if any plant was growing or flowering. Parker grew excited by this idea the more he thought of it.

"If not, maybe we should make one!" Parker said bouncing up and down a bit more, "and we could show where certain plants grow already, it'd be good for the Gardening Club. We could also use it to figure out where to put things around the Labyrinth that we grow in the club first!"

Now Parker was really into the idea, even though he had no idea how to make maps that move or were connected to places. But one could learn and they did have a big library at their disposal, if he could figure out how the system worked.

Also, he liked the idea of combining it with the Gardening Club. He wanted Cleo to know that he was interested in it, and wanted to support her in it as well. After all, Parker thought, that's what friends do, support each other right?

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    Cleo wandered slowly into the garden, not wanting to get too far so that Parker could easily find her. She found herself strangely excited for the walk in gardens. In some ways it was just a walk,... more
    • As long as there's voicemail we're fine — Parker Fitzgerald, Mon Nov 6 04:03
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