Kir McLeod
I'll be gentle then
Mon Nov 6, 2017 16:27

Kir’s holidays had been very enjoyable, as they always were. Whilst Christmas Day was a small, family affair, there was always a big party for New Year at the Foundation. His father and aunt’s Scottish heritage along with the LGBTQ+ community they supported through their foundation made for an interesting mix. The McLeod New Year party was half Scottish ceilidh, half drag cabaret show, with all the adults present consuming far too much alcohol. It was always a great laugh, and he had had ‘I am what I am’ stuck in his head on and off ever since.

On returning to school, he found the ground covered in snow. He did not necessarily need more snow, coming as he did from Vermont. After New Year, they’d been skiing for the rest of the holidays. He was considering just retiring inside, perhaps having a nap, when he noticed an interesting sight… Amelia Layne assaulting a bush. It was interesting both in choice of target and because Amelia was quite a pretty girl.

“Really?” he asked, amazed when she explained that it was her first snowball. “I just got back from skiing. Which, when you factor in a little sister, has plenty of them.” He knew theoretically that people who hadn’t seen snow existed, but they were a bit like unicorns to him… You knew they were real, but you were still very surprised when you had the chance to meet one. “You know, it’s traditional to throw them at people, not defenceless shrubbery,” he paused a moment, not wanting to throw a bunch of snow into the face of an unwilling target, both because of the Teppenpaw in him and because, little as he knew about girls, he didn’t think that was the way to get them to like him. “I’m game if you are,” he offered.

  • My first snowball.Amelia Layne, Mon Nov 6 14:10
    The school founders had been from a place even further east than Amelia was, so Amelia expected the school grounds to seem a bit cooler than she was really comfortable with when she returned to... more
    • I'll be gentle then — Kir McLeod, Mon Nov 6 16:27
      • Do you expect me to return the favor?Amelia, Tue Nov 7 19:24
        “Really,” confirmed Amelia, amused by Kir McLeod’s expression and tone when she explained why she was laughing at a snowball. “It doesn’t get cold enough for snowballs where I’m from, or at least I... more
        • I'll give as good as I get...Kir, Sat Nov 11 11:48
          “Where’s that then?” Kir asked, as she explained she was from one of the not so snowy states. He wondered why such people didn’t plan their vacations around getting some snow. He knew he had a slight ... more
          • Excellent.Amelia, Wed Nov 22 20:59
            “South Carolina,” said Amelia when Kir asked where she was from. “The hotter part of it. I think they get a lot of ice in a few places, higher up, but…we don’t.” She didn’t see if her snowball made... more
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