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Do you expect me to return the favor?
Tue Nov 7, 2017 19:24

“Really,” confirmed Amelia, amused by Kir McLeod’s expression and tone when she explained why she was laughing at a snowball. “It doesn’t get cold enough for snowballs where I’m from, or at least I can’t remember the last time it did if it ever did….”

She realized she was rambling and stopped. Bad habit, rambling; it made her sound a bit dim, which was not good in general but was particularly a problem when one was an Aladren. She tried to curb it around the others in the House especially, but she didn’t want anyone else to think she was a bit dim or unable to organize a coherent thought, either.

Amelia did not have a younger sibling, just an older one, but she still smiled and nodded understanding at the concept that siblings and snow would mix in the form of snowballs. “So they tell me,” she said when Kir pointed out that the shrubbery was not a normal target, “but my brother’s already left, so….”

She was not entirely surprised when Kir offered himself as a substitute for Lionel. “You’re on,” she agreed cheerfully, then immediately ducked, both to grab a handful of snow and to avoid the first missile. She came up quickly again, crushing the snow up as she rose, and threw it at him a bit more gently than she had thrown the first one at the shrubbery.

  • I'll be gentle thenKir McLeod, Mon Nov 6 16:27
    Kir’s holidays had been very enjoyable, as they always were. Whilst Christmas Day was a small, family affair, there was always a big party for New Year at the Foundation. His father and aunt’s... more
    • Do you expect me to return the favor? — Amelia, Tue Nov 7 19:24
      • I'll give as good as I get...Kir, Sat Nov 11 11:48
        “Where’s that then?” Kir asked, as she explained she was from one of the not so snowy states. He wondered why such people didn’t plan their vacations around getting some snow. He knew he had a slight ... more
        • Excellent.Amelia, Wed Nov 22 20:59
          “South Carolina,” said Amelia when Kir asked where she was from. “The hotter part of it. I think they get a lot of ice in a few places, higher up, but…we don’t.” She didn’t see if her snowball made... more
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